Natural Grocers’ Hula Hooping

Yesterday we attended a hula hooping event at Natural Grocers. They were attempting to set a world record for most people hula hooping at the same time at different locations. All we had to do was hula hoop for 2 minutes when they told us to, which we did.

Afterward we stayed to play for a few minutes and Rose decided she wanted a turn. She tried a couple techniques, both of which show some promise for the future.

Rockin' the photo booth.
Rockin’ the photo booth.

Base Exploration

This is Lucia’s second film that has made it onto the blog. In this experiment, she appears to have found the slow motion button.

I think this video begs the question, “What is it like inside of a base?”

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Rose Standing

I don’t know if it is officially called standing, since she is supported by a chair, but Rose has started pulling herself all the way up on things, mostly out of greed.

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Lucia’s Performance

I am not sure what is going on here, but I assume that some day when Lucia is a famous performer we can look back fondly at this video.

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Lucia’s Video

Lucia got a hold of my phone the other day and after setting a couple of alarms she moved on to shooting a video. The video is not the greatest and maybe not worth watching, but making it to the end is worth it for me. She is so cute and enthusiastic about life. I wish I had a video from earlier today when she found out that we had some leftover noodles for lunch. You would think that she had won the lottery.

Rose Clapping

Rose took a nap this evening from 830 until 930 and is still up. At least this gave us an opportunity to practice her clapping.

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Our kids have always enjoyed playing with the dishes and we have always kept a low drawer with plastic dishes so the little ones can get their own dishes. Here are Lucia and Rose getting into the action –


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Rose Crawling

Mari insists that I have the Liesland schedule wrong and that Rose is actually crawling before any of the other kids did. Regardless, here is a video of Rose crawling.