Basketball Wrap-Up

Andrew’s basketball season wrapped up Monday night, with his team winning the league championship. Andrew enjoyed the season, but is still contemplating his future on the court.

Andrew’s most talked about play after his last game was his 3-point shot that hit the rim twice, but didn’t find its way in. Next time.


Woodmen Speech Contest

This morning Andrew participated in the Woodmen Speech Contest. He had the opportunity to give a 3-5 minute speech on the topic “Hunger in America.” In the weeks leading up to the speech he was not sure if he was going to participate or not, but things came together in the end with some encouragement from one of his enrichment class teachers. I think he enjoyed it and hopefully he will be back next year.


Father-Daughter Dance

This evening Mari and I went the a Father/Daughter dance put on by the city of Des Moines. We had dinner with some friends at Noah’s Ark (an Italian restaurant stuck in the 60’s) and then headed to the science center. We spent most of the evening dancing, hanging out with Nate & Hope, and eating chocolate covered fruit and cookies. We left Lucia at home this year, but I think she will come next year.


Home Depot Kids’ Workshop

The kids still love to go to the Home Depot Kids’ Workshops. They usually remember on the first Saturday, unprompted. This time Lucia made her first craft – a mailbox for valentines. She painted everything while the other kids worked on theirs, then when everyone else was done they helped Lucia assemble hers.


Church Involvement


For the past few years we have been attending church at Holy Trinity, in Beaverdale. It is a nice, small church with a great community and a great priest. Over the years we have become more involved at church. Susan and I lead Children’s Liturgy every couple of months, we volunteer at education events, and I help direct the annual Good Friday Passion reading. This past Sunday Mari and Andrew got into the action, acting as Altar Servers for the first time. They did a great job!