Our Pumpkin Paradise

This afternoon, with Mar-Mar & Be-Bob in town, we visited Our Pumpkin Paradise. It is the kids’ favorite pumpkin patch in town, with many activities including ‘The Box’. The kids always have fun picking out their pumpkins and playing in the corn.

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The dandelions were starting to take over our yard, so we took some action. The kids, mostly, worked hard for a couple of days to pick over around 1,000 dandelions from our front yard. When the work was done we celebrated with a trip to Culver’s.

Creek Walking

Susan, Lucia, and Rose have been enjoying the nice weather by getting out for some off-the-trail walks. Lucia loves exploring, playing in the water, and climbing over the pipes that help direct the flow of the ‘little creek.’

Elliot’s 9th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Elliot’s 9th birthday! Elliot always wants snow on his birthday, but today he go 60 degrees and sunny. In the morning we hung out at home, playing basketball and kicking around a new soccer ball. At noon some friends met us for soccer at the field near our house. We had about 18 kids show up and fun was had by all.

In the afternoon he went to the Reagens to play. The Reagens & Liesses came over for dinner – sandwich bar. The evening ended with presents, playing with presents, and singing.

Elliot at the age of 9 is a really fun kid. He loves to be outside – doing anything! His favorite activities are basketball, soccer, and bike riding. He likes to explore the woods and go for walks with us. He generally wakes in the morning at around 7:00 or 7:30 and goes to bed at 8:30 or 9:00. His favorite food is Skyline. Favorite color: red. Favorite song: Hello. Favorite sport: soccer.




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