Christmas Decorations

Traditionally we get out our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. If we stay the night at the Connors’ we usually pick up our tree on the way home on Friday. This year I ran out on Friday morning to get not one, but two trees – one for the front and one for the back.

Christmas mugs
Lucia and Elliot
Rose and Lucia
Elliot and Mari

Thanksgiving 2020

For Thanksgiving this year we headed south to the Connors’. The weather was awesome and they had a beautiful setup in their driveway.

Winner of best Thanksgiving driveway.
Luke playing with Rose
Socially-distanced prayer
Dining pods
The Connors
Whipped Cream Accident
The Lieslands

Goodbye, Oreo

Well, our second attempt at a pet has come to an end. We gave it a good effort. Oreo was a good cat who enjoyed hanging out with Lucia and Rose and they loved paying with him. In the end, it just wasn’t a great fit for our family.

Update: 2 days later we received an anonymous package in the mail with a new Oreo for the girls to play with:


This has been happening a lot lately, now that soccer and cross country are over.


What a beauty (amongst other things)!

Weekend Wrap-Up

Nutella Bread with Hope
Mari made the bread.
I was in Cincinnati for my Uncle Tom’s funeral.
It was really warm in Des Moines and we don’t have great leaves in our yard, so Susan, Lucia, and Rose made a nice leaf pile at the park.
Lunch after the funeral.
My dad, Chuck, Ken, Ruth Ann, Nancy, and Janet.
Rose and Lucia playing with rocks at the creek.
Their creations. I imagine Susan helped a little with these.
They are their mother’s daughters.
Elliot and Hope enjoying some funeral lunch leftovers.