First Flat

Yesterday we had to change the first flat tire on our RV. Luckily we noticed it as we were pulling in to park it for the week. The RV comes with a full-size spare, so that change was a pretty simple process. The one bump in the road was that our RV was parked in a field so the jack got pressed into the ground as we raised the axle. We had to do a couple of attempts to get some of the RV leveling blocks underneath it to help support it. 

After it was off the kids found a puncture on the side of the tire. We should be able to get it repaired/replaced this week and it will become our new spare tire.

Hudson -> Palm Coast

Today we made the 3 hour drive from Hudson, FL to Palm Coast, FL. After getting settled in, we had to go check out the beach. The water felt great and we all got pretty wet. The beach is like no beach I have ever seen. It is a mixture of sand and shells. It is called Cinnamon Beach because of the color it takes on. I can’t wait to explore more this week.

Oh yeah, I should mention that we are spending the week out of our RV. The Reagens are flying down tomorrow and we are staying in a condo just off the beach.

Clearwater Beach

Today we made the hour drive to Clearwater Beach.
We played on the beach a while, then made a sand castle.
We were proud of our work, so we took a picture.
We went for a walk down the beach. On our way back Andrew said, “I think I saw someone from Des Moines.” Sure enough, the Countrymans were at the same beach.
For one last bit of fun, we buried Mari.

New Orleans -> Hudson, FL

Over the weekend we traveled from New Orleans to Hudson, FL, where we are staying for the week. It is on Florida’s Nature Coast, where the beaches are not as great as the panhandle. It is nice to be back on the gulf.

Checking out the water. It was warm, but windy.
Working on dinner

Hitchin’ Post RV Campground

We stayed overnight tonight in northwest Florida, on our way to our next campground. Normally our overnight stops are not too noteworthy, but this campground was pretty cool. There were a couple of lakes, plenty of lawn games, and they provide complementary firewood. 

Lawn Games

French Market and Frenchmen St

This afternoon we took one last trip to the French Quarter. We visited the French Market first. We were looking for a shirt for Mari, but a nice vendor ended up giving a shirt to Rose. After that we walked down Frenchmen St, before hitting up Costco for dinner.

Looking for t-shirts.

Lafreniere Park

This evening we went to Lafreniere Park, just a few miles north of our campground. It is a large, beautiful city park, with a carousel, nice playground, and a bird sanctuary, that is overrun by birds.