Lunch with Andrew

Ever wonder what it is like to eat lunch with Andrew? Well, now you can experience it for yourself.( Please ignore the Seal playing in the background. I promise that it was an accident and had I been paying attention I would have changed the radio station.) (Also, I am going to be putting out a higher quality version later if you want to check back.)

Lunch with Andrew (3.75 MB)

(I would advise right-clicking on the link and choosing “Save target as . . ” to save it to your hard drive)

Found it! ! !

Here is the promised video. It has some old footage and some new footage. It is 35MB, so if you want a smaller version let me know and I will produce one. So many people have broadband these days that I didn’t want to mess with the smaller file, unless necessary. Enjoy! ! !

Andrew Video

(I would advise right-clicking on the link and choosing “Save target as . . ” to save it to your hard drive)

I also put up some new pictures of Andrew.

Where’s the Footage?

Well, I guess it has been a while, huh? I was planning on putting up some video of Andrew, but my computer at work doesn’t have the latest copy of movie maker on it.

Things are going well in the new house. We continue to get settled in and throw money into strange things, such as grass seed and shelves. Nothing major has gone wrong yet, but I am sure the entire thing is going up in flames even as I type. Actually, I just talked to Susan, who assured me that the house is not on fire.

In other news, our friends Mike & Laura just closed on a house that is in the same neighborhood as us. Their house is about 1 1/2 miles away, but that is still super close.

Andrew is getting older. The other day I handed him the brush that we use on his hair and he started to brush it himself. Then he threw it.

Susan is also developing well. She is able to walk up and down the stairs with ease and she is also feeding herself. If only we could get her to shower more often. . .

The Hanging

Well, Andrew didn’t want to go down to KY this weekend, so we didn’t make it to the music festival. Instead, we spent our Saturday hanging pictures, which is something I am very glad to have accomplished.

Other than that, we are still just getting settled in.

Craziness Ensues

Our lives became a little more hectic today because Susan’s classes have started again. She has two classes this semester, which will certainly keep both of us busy.

In a great note, Susan, Andrew and I are headed to Berea this weekend to go to a music festival on the property of Zoe Speaks. This should be a rockin’ good time. Well, maybe more folksie than rockin’, but still, it will be great to get down to Berea. Maybe we will even have a chance to introduce Andrew to his namesake.

All Moved In

We are all moved in now, almost. All of our hanging clothes are still in the apartment, but we are going to get those soon. The house is coming along great. Our basement is full of boxes, but we are slowly making progress.

In other news, Susan has returned to her internship at Kings Jr. Hi. That means that I get to stay home with Andrew on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Today was the first day and it was great to be able to stay home and hang out with him. We don’t get to spend too much alone time together any more, so these mornings are a great time to do some bonding.

Almost There

The house is coming along great. So far we have taken up the carpet in two rooms and painted one. We have almost finished most of the preparation for the move in, which is scheduled for Saturday. Hopefully tomorrow we are going to have our last bit of ugly, old carpet replaced.

Yesterday Gary, Kathie, Simon*, and Susan cleaned the kitchen walls, which looked like the inside of the chimney. My mom, Marilyn, also discoved that the dark grout in the kitchen floor isn’t dark at all, it just needs a good scrubbin’.

We are gonna beat this thing! ! !

*Please see comments.

Let the Debt Begin

Well, we did it. We bought the house. After signing a few papers and giving someone a lot of money, we bought our first house. Since it was vacant, we were able to take occupancy immediately. We have already painted one room and the next few days are going to be spent playing with flooring.

Since we have yet to buy a lawn mower our yard looks like a nature preserve.

That’s all for now. We’ll keep you updated.

The Closing

Thanks to a little tip from Becky, I realized that I have left people in the dark about our house. Anyway, we are closing on the 6th. We are probably going to move on the 14th or the 21st. We will keep you updated.

It’s about time

Well, we finally did it. On Saturday we loaded up the car and made the long haul to the Lunken Bike Path. We then proceeded to strap on the rollerblades, put Andrew in his stroller, and make the 5.5 mile trek around the airport. It was a nice little jaunt, with the most eventful part coming as Andrew and I went down a little hill and the brakes on his stroller were not enough to hold back the weight of his big butt and myself. Much to the delight of the other people on the trail and the golfers near by, we made it down safely.