Crazi Mari

Well, it has been a few weeks, but if you are one of the few people who read this, then you are probably aware that Mari has finally arrived. She came only sixteen days after her estimated date of arrival, but she is certainly ready for the real world.

She spends most of her days sleeping and nursing. She enjoys the swing, the sling, and surfing. OK, I made that last part up, but I couldn’t thing of another word that begins with “s” and ends with “ing”.

Anyway, if you missed the pics, here is a link: Mari’s Pics.

You know where to reach us. . .

Like Salt in our Wound

It is annoying enough that Susan is now ten days late, but to make things a little more crazy for us, yesterday was the hottest day since July 8th, 2003. This is mostly due to the fact that last summer was very cool. BUT, come on. Can’t we catch a break?

For those of you who are paying enough attention to know that we were due a few days ago and wonder what is going on, we are waiting, as patiently as possible. Dr. Bowen does not have us on a strict schedule, so we do what we can to encourage labor, and we wait.

Na na na, It’s the . . . .

Well, we have been playing the waiting game for a while now. Susan was due a week ago, and still no signs of a new Liess-Hyland. The good thing is that Susan’s parents are in town to help keep everyone sane and to help with Andrew when Susan goes into labor. Also good news is that our Dr is willing to be patient with us.

We have spent the last week making minor preparations for the new kid, as all of the major ones have been finished for a few weeks. Other than that, just a lot of hanging out and waiting.

In other news:

I’m Snuffleupagus.

It’s a sad day when . . .

It is a sad day when I start to check my own blog for updates, so I thought that I better make some.

Susan: Susan is doing great. She is a having a little trouble sleeping, but I would say that she is doing very well (she may say something else). In case you haven’t checked our countdown page lately, she is due any day now, although we don’t expect any activity until next week, or the week after.

Andrew: Andrew is also doing well. He is building his vocabulary and his ability to climb. He is extra-clingy, probably in anticipation of the impending doom that will enter his life (but believe me, he has no clue what is coming).

Rob: I am doing well. Trying to finalize some things at work before I have to take a few days off. I have also been doing a lot in the yard, including putting together and sealing our new picnic table, which has been a lengthy process for Susan and I.

Not much planned over the next few weeks, except having a kid. If you are reading this, then you are probably on the email list, but if you think that you may not be, drop us a line, and we will make sure that you are.

Been a while, huh?

It has been a long time since our last post. Nothing major happening lately.

Susan and I have begun final preparations for newbie, who will be arriving in a few weeks. We still have a few more things to get ready, but we are almost there.

Andrew is doing well and is cuter than ever. He loves to play outside, in the car, and in other people’s yards. He also has a new outside swing that he really enjoys.

Susan has her last class in a few hours, and then all she needs to do to be certified is take the PRAXIS.

The rain barrel is doing well. It seems to be either feast or famine when it comes to getting it filled.

We’ll keep you informed.

Let It Rain

After weeks of planning and agonizing, it is finally ready: The Rain Barrel. I got a free 55-gallon barrel from Meier’s Wine Cellars (under the advising of Linda) and put some hardware in it, put up a gutter (with some help from Alex), and finally put the two together. Now, all I need is some rain.

After being told about this project people have said, “That’s great Rob, but what are you going to do with the water?” We are going to water our garden (that doesn’t exist yet, but is the next project (after we paint our living room this saturday)).

Other than that, I am excited for Red’s Opening Day.

Susan is still blossoming and Andrew is almost tall enough to open all the doors in our house.

We are all excited for some great Spring weather that has finally descended upon us (after a cold March). Andrew has a great time chasing around balls in the back yard (except for when I throw them on the roof or in the neighbor’s yard).

Keep it real (and sorry about all the parentheses in this post)!

Back in Cincinnati

After a nice trip to Des Moines, Susan, Andrew, and I are back in Cincinnati. We came back to a very wet city, but the good weather is here now (though maybe not for long).

We had a great trip to Des Moines, even though Andrew had a few rough days. My biggest fear on this trip is always the drive and this was the most successful trip we have had yet, in that regard. On the way home we only had to stop once and made it in 8:45 (you do the math).

Now that we are back we have our hands full with things to do around the house. We need to get things ready for the new kid and also start doing some maintenance outside now that spring is here. Since there was a creek in our laundry room when we returned, one of the first things we need to do is get up a gutter over our back porch which will hook into a rain barrel.

That’s it for now. Thanks for checkin’ in.

New Look

After many months with the same blog template, I finally decided to take a chance on my own. Let me know if you notice anything weird.

You know where to reach me: in my cubicle.

Spring Fever

It has been a long time, but there is a reason for that: I am lazy.

That, and nothing major in the past few weeks. Susan, Andrew, and I have been busy hanging out with friends, getting the house ready for the new kid, and getting ready to have the new kid. In case you didn’t know, Susan and I are into natural childbirth. More specifically, the Bradley Method. We are also going to be enlisting the services of a doula this time around, to help us out.

As for around the house, we finally moved the TV to the basement and got another twin bed for the upstairs bedroom. We have no clue who is going to sleep there, but it seems fairly likely that someone will. In April we need to paint one more room and a hallway. We should probably paint another wall also, but I am not too sure how much time we are going to have to get all this done. Especially since I am eager to start doing some work outside. I need to get our compost pile set up better and I also want to install a rain barrel in our back yard.

Susan is going to be finishing up her classes in May, so we can already count on two (2) hands the total number of classes she has left. She is also taking a prenatal yoga class on Saturdays that seems pretty nice.

Susan and Andrew have also begun the Parents & Tots Program at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. They have only been to one class so far, and Susan already accidentally left her folder there and took someone else’s felt egg. I hope they don’t get expelled.

Andrew is beginning to talk a lot more. He isn’t quite ready for Hamlet’s soliloquy yet, but he is definitely learning to get his point across. One really cute thing he did recently was when we were on a walk in the park a few days ago. He was picking up leaves and trying to put them back on the trees.

Drop us a line. (It’s the least you can do. Unless you are one of Susan’s friends and you call all the time, but she never calls you back, in which case, sorry.) UPDATE: I told Susan about this comment, and she said that if you want to know what is going on then call me, because I will call you back. The downside to this is that you will have to talk with me, which is not quite the same.

You Saw Me Standing Alone

After several days of hard work (mostly by Susan’s Dad) our once worn and dirty kitchen walls have been transformed into. . . . well. . . . something better. We took down the old wall paper and applied some fresh paint to create a much more inviting space. Walking into our kitchen this morning was certainly a pleasant experience.

Aside from all the work it was a nice visit from Susan’s parents who were in town since last Saturday.

In case you missed the above link, click here to view some pics of the kitchen.