We went camping last weekend. We were originally slated to stay Friday & Saturday night, then Susan talked me into only going for Saturday night, then it was so nice on Friday I convinced her we should just go down and see what happens. Well, we left at dinner time on Saturday, which turned out to be a good call, in my opinion.

Sunday was nice. We got some stuff cleared out and had a nice, relaxing day.

Saved! ! !

We got Elliot baptized over the weekend. We have been fortunate to have the same priest perform all of our recent sacraments (one marriage and three baptisms). We really like him and it has really helped to tie things together for us.

Elliot was not thrilled about being baptized, but he has gotten over it. His head still smells good too.

I will try to get some pics up in the next few days.

Goodbye, Stove

We put our old stove on the curb tonight, went for a walk, and it was gone when we got back. It was a good stove. It served us well for several years. Now it is probably in pieces, being exported to China to be re-invented.

In other sad news, the groundhog I have driven past on my way to work every morning for the past few days finally fell victim to his habit of hanging out in the road.

Around the Horn

Two weeks ago tonight, Andrew started his 5 day fever. Mari got sick at the end of that week. Susan got sick at the beginning of the next week. I got it mid-week, and it appears as though Elliot just had a little touch of it as well. I would like to believe that we are finished with this bug.

Parents & Tots II

Mari & Susan started Parents & Tots this morning. The plan is that Elliot stays home with me, Rob, until after his nap and then I take him to the school for the remainder of the class. This morning he slept in late and then took a late nap, so he missed the whole class. Andrew hung out with Aunt Jill so that I could get some work done while Elliot napped.

Pot-Luck Trifecta

Friday Night: La Leche League
Saturday Night: Waldorf School
Sunday Night: Friend’s Birthday Party.

It was a fun, busy weekend. Mari and I actually skipped the LLL pot-luck on Friday night because she was not feeling well.