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It is not very often that I post without pictures, but tonight we went to a pumpkin patch and corn maze in Mitchellville, just outside of Des Moines, and had a great time. We are celebrating Andrew’s birthday tomorrow night and we were looking for something to do on his actual birthday. The Reagens recommended the corn maze and we all met up just before the entrance closed at 8. We spent a little over an hour in the maze before sitting around a fire until a little after 10. When our cars were the last ones in the lot we felt it was probably time to leave. The funniest thing is that the boys group, Andrew, Ian, Cameron, and Elliot, spent a long time doing the corn maze blindfolded. It was a challenge under normal conditions and I am not sure how they did it.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Andrew! More to come on that. . .

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Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun, busy Labor Day Weekend. The Mary and Casey were in town and it was the last weekend to have our pool up. On Friday we had everyone over for pizza and to watch the Valley vs Dowling football game. On Saturday we did our own thing during the day and then Mary and Casey hosted dinner at the Rafferty’s (their friends’ house). Sunday was the closing party for the pool.

Friday night dinner
Kids’ table
Susan and I headed to the Connor dinner.
Supply organizing to get ready for another year of homeschooling for Lucia and Rose.
Elliot has been working hard this summer to save money to buy a new bike.
Kids in the pool.
Tube flip
See you next year, pool!
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Whiterock Conservancy

Today we took a day trip to Whiterock Conservancy with the Reagens. we have been out here a few times over the past few years, usually with the Reagens. Sometimes we spend the night. We enjoyed playing in the very low river, looking Lucia’s lost shoe, hiking, biking, and just hanging out.

Lucia and Rose crossing the river.
Susan and Erin making their way to a shady spot.
Opposite site
Nate and Erin
Hope, Susan and Mari, with Lucia in the back
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Playing in the Creek

This summer the kids have been playing in the woods more than anytime since we have moved to this house. They built a fort and jumping ladder, into the creek, and today they took our skimboard from vacation down to the creek and towed each other like wakeboarding.

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The TikTok craze has definitely taken over our house. Andrew spends a fair amount of time watching videos, Mari and Hope like learning the dances, and teaching Lucia and Rose, and Elliot watches videos, but has a self-imposed daily limit. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Susan and Erin made their own TikTok account and video.

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4th of July Festivities

This year we hosted a 4th of July pool party! Gary, Kathie, and the Reagens (sans Nate) came over in the afternoon to hang out, eat dinner, and then enjoy a fireworks display presented by Ian. Having the pool available was fun because it reminded me of 4th of July in Cincinnati, where there was always a pool. Sadly, there was no Chex mix.

Mari’s Cake
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The saddest fireworks show ever

After Fair Food Friday earlier in the day, we met the Reagens in Altoona for a fireworks show. Normally on this evening we would be on top of a parking garage in downtown, waiting for the Yankee Doodle Pops fireworks show to start, but that was canceled this year. The scene in Altoona was great and the fireworks show was good, but it was overcast by the bad news of N’s dad not doing well. He has been battling cancer for a little over a year and we got news during the fireworks show that he was in the hospital and they thought he might not survive the night. There were many tears shed during the evening and at one point someone did say, “This is the saddest fireworks show ever.” [note: I have the benefit of writing this post a few weeks after the event, and luckily N’s dad pulled through and continues to do well.]

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Lake Viking

Over the past few days we headed to Lake Viking to celebrate Gary’s 80th birthday. Good times were had by all.

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Pizza Cake

Last year Mari and Hope made an awesome pig cake. This year they made a slice of pizza!

The Reagens

The Reagens’ Chickens

The Reagens got chickens, and we enjoy visiting them.