Cincinnati Visit

Cincinnati Trip

This weekend we made a quick trip to Cincinnati. We left Thursday afternoon and drove home on Monday. Holly’s 40th birthday party was on Saturday night and we thought it would be fun to show up for the weekend and surprise the Donleys and the Beinkempers. It was.

Visit from the Hyland Clan

This weekend, my parents, the Donleys, and the Beinkempers ( sans Will) all made the trip to Des Moines. We spent most of the weekend hanging out at our house, but enjoyed a few outings to the East Village, Ledges State Parks, and The Machine Shed.

Happy Birthday, Rose!

We got to celebrate Rose’s 3rd birthday twice – in Cincinnati and Des Moines. We celebrated on Holly’s on Friday night and at the Reagens’ on Sunday night. Saturday was her actual birthday, but it was a travel day so her birthday festivities were limited to her birthday cereal and a random singing of Happy Birthday at the winery where we were staying the night. 

Rose is definitely 3. She is developing a strong will and likes to do things herself and she is also still very needy, likes to snuggle, and likes to stick her hands and feet into people’s shirts. She and Lucia still spend a ton of time together and are great playmates. They sleep together at night, sharing a bed in the RV and planning on sharing a bed once we are home. 

Rose’s favorite thing to do for fun is build with Legos. She loves building towers, houses, and cakes. She just has a couple of small duplo lego sets that she uses over and over. 

She is our best napper – she still naps! She consistently naps every afternoon, either at home or in the car if we are not at home. She is OK without a nap, but much better if she has one. Her sleep schedule in general is not that or a normal 3 year-old. She follows the schedule dictated by the big kids, going to bed around 10 at night and sleeping until 8. She does still use her pacifier, but she will be ready to ween from that once we are settled in back home.

Niagara Falls -> Cayuga Campground

Today we made the 8 hour drive from Niagara Falls to Cincinnati. We will be staying the weekend at my sister Holly’s house, aka Cayuga Campground.

After making it in time for Friday night pizza, holly had a variety of Graeter’s ice cream for dessert.

Rose enjoyed sharing hers with Be-Bob.

Miami -> Punta Gorda

Today we made the 3 hour drive from Miami to Punta Gorda. Holly, Alex, Henry, and Sawyer arrived yesterday in Punta Gorda. We will are staying our RV, about 15 minutes from Alex’s mom’s house, where they are staying. 

The drive today was awesome. We drove right through the Everglades. There was a canal along the side of the rode and we must have seen about 100 alligators sunning on the side of the canal. It was cool to see them up close on our airboat ride a couple of days ago, but it was equally as cool to see so many sitting fully out of the water. 

Kids’ Table

Adult Table

4th of July

For the 4th of July this year we are in Cincinnati. We went to the Van Horn’s house in northern Kentucky for a fun-filled evening with the Appel clan. Andrew and Elliot went early with the Donleys to do some golfing. Susan, the girls, and I made it down around dinner time. The older kids had a blast swimming in the lake and would have done that for about 5 hours straight if we had let them. The fireworks show was a little late because they had some technical difficulties, but in the end it was quite the grand experience.

Camp Cayuga

For our second night, are staying at Camp Cayuga (Holly’s house). We are just staying one night here because our campsite at Winton Woods is not available until tomorrow. 

Cincinnati Visit

This past weekend we traveled to Cincinnati to help out Holly and attend my cousin Kelly’s wedding on Saturday. It was a fun visit, with plenty to do. We also had the chance to celebrate Mari’s birthday with the Hyland clan.