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The TikTok craze has definitely taken over our house. Andrew spends a fair amount of time watching videos, Mari and Hope like learning the dances, and teaching Lucia and Rose, and Elliot watches videos, but has a self-imposed daily limit. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Susan and Erin made their own TikTok account and video.

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Happy Mother’s Day

It may have been one of the colder Mother’s Days on record but today we celebrated in what has become the traditional ways. Susan joined Kathie and Erin for a walk in the early afternoon and then when she got home we did some planting and had salads.

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The Enneagram

I think this is pretty cool. The kids all took a simple Enneagram test today and when Susan and I took the test our highest areas came back opposite. I am not surprised and it is one of the reasons I think we work so well together.

Birthday Susan

Susan’s Birthday

Saturday evening we celebrated Susan’s birthday with her parents and the Reagens.

Happy Birthday, Susan!
On her actual birthday.

Birthday Susan

Happy Birthday, Susan!

Today we celebrated Susan’s birthday. The Connors were in town this weekend so we had a chance to celebrate with the whole Liess clan.

Susan Visitors

Susan’s Friends

Enjoying happy hour at Eatery A
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Susan Flies to the Dominican Republic

We dropped Susan off at the airport today around lunchtime. She is heading to the Dominican Republic for a week with her high school friends. It was a harder goodbye than I thought  it would be. I was certainly not looking forward to her leaving, but I think I have taken for granted the fact that we have spent nearly every moment of the past 6 months together.

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Coolest Lady at the Campground

Birthday RV Adventure Susan

Susan’s 40th Birthday!

Today we celebrated Susan’s 40th birthday! It was a little different, being on the road.

The day started with opening a few gifts – from us and from Erin.

The kids had fun playing with Susan’s new neck pillow.

We ate breakfast at Cinnamon Twisp, a bakery in Twisp, which is a nearby town. They specialize in something called the Cinnamon Twisp, which is some sort of amazing cinnamon roll.

After breakfast we went for a hike outside of Twisp, to Lookout Mountain.

It took us a minute to find the hike and at first we accidentally went on the wrong trail to an abandoned mine operation that had since collapsed in a landslide. That was at least interesting.

It was a long hike up to the lookout tower.

Inside of the lookout tower.

The Cascades are back there somewhere. It wasn’t the smokiest day, but there was definitely a haze blocking most of the views.

We were a little behind schedule, so Rose took her nap on the hike.

She was so tired she even stayed asleep when I took the back carrier off.

After the hike we had a short break back at the RV and then we headed in to town. On the way we stopped at the office to pick up our mail. Susan had 17 cards and a package waiting for her.

In town, Withrop, we walked around a little and stopped by an old-time photo parlor.

We went out for pizza for dinner and Susan opened all of her cards while we waited for our food.

Pizza Party

After pizza we headed home for birthday cake.

That’s a wrap.

RV Adventure Susan

Dairy Bar

Susan’s favorite place

When Susan lived in Whitley City for a year she would come here about once a week for their hot fudge cake sundae. It hasn’t lost any of its charm. It even still has a smoking section.