The rest of May

I have been woefully behind on the blog. I decided that to catch up I would just do a few posts that cover entire months. Here comes May. . .

Filling the pool with a sand foundation.
Spreading the sand
Susan, Mary, and Erin
Working on the liner
Working on the liner
Ian was the first one in the pool
Rose, Ian, and Lucia
Hope and Mari reffing
Going away party for our neighbor Vi
Generic pool shot
Lucia playing socer
Lucia’s Soccer Team
Rose’s Soccer Team
Elliot after band concert
Dew Tour
Rob Axe Throwing with Friends
Susan and Rob on anniversary date

Glacier Flower

Mari’s art was featured in her school’s online art show.
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First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the older kids. Our school district offered either an in-person or online option and we opted for online, at least through January. The kids connect into an actual class where most kids are in the classroom but a few are online. The logistics turned out to be a little complicated to sort out because they are operating on a block schedule, where the kids only have 4 classes each day. In some ways that makes it easier, but we have to be sure we are ready for each day, and there are a few twists that add some occasional confusion.

Elliot at his desk (table) in the basement.
Andrew at his desk.
Mari at her desk.

Elliot’s Solo Festival

This evening Susan took Elliot to his solo festival. All members of the band have an opportunity to play a solo for a judge who rates them on various measures. I think it went well.

Elliot’s Choir Concert

Along with being in band, Elliot is also singing in the 7th grade choir at his school this year.

Elliot is in the back rock, three people right of center two to the right of the tall boy in the blue shirt. Elliot is wearing a white shirt.

Elliot’s PSA

This evening we went to a presentation at Elliot’s school where he and his classmates shared the PSAs that they made for various causes.

Andrew Orchestra Concert

This evening Andrew had his first orchestra concert of the year. You can see his head back behind Will.