As Rose grows up, I am aware that we are passing through many phases of parenting. When Susan and I had our first apartment together we set up one room as a nursery, but within a few days of Andrew being born we realized that room would never be used. All of our kids slept with us in their earliest years, gradually moving from our bed to the mattress beside our bed, eventually moving to another room. 

For the past few weeks Rose has been on the move. She has been nursing less frequently and we decided it was time to night wean her. This means that she can move to the mattress on the floor and when she wakes up at night I cuddle with her to get her back to sleep. We also decided that it is time for her to start going to sleep laying down.

Historically we got her to sleep in the Boba, our carrier. This worked well and we still use this technique for naps. We moved Lucia back into our room and she and Lucia go to sleep at the same time. I lay in between them. Eventually I will move to a chair, to a chair by the door, to a chair in the hallway, to a goodnight kiss. I am ready for this transition, but it is definitely bittersweet. 

Rose’s New Hobby

Rose’s Latest Victim

Rose has been climbing up on stools and chairs lately to access things that were previously out of her reach. Each of the past three days she has climbed up to reach a glass on the table, taken a drink, and then dropped the glass to the floor, breaking it. We have a new policy now where we are not allowed to leave glasses on the table. 

Santa Visit

To this day, Lucia thinks that Santa travels in a fire truck and when we see a fire truck she says, “There’s Santa!”

The Clive Fire Department escorts Santa around town to visit the kids in the neighborhood. The kids all love it. 

Rose’s First Words

Rose is starting to make more noise that sounds like talking. She has been saying ‘uh-oh’ for a few months, ‘hi’ maybe for a few weeks, and just recently she has started saying ‘baby.’

Rose Walking

Slowly, but surely, Rose is starting to walk. She took her first steps on Susan’s birthday a couple of weeks ago and has been adding a few more each day. We have had a hard time getting a good video, so we combined a few.

Changes in Rose

Rose in the Bath
Rose in the Bath

Rose has been changing a lot lately and I wanted to record it before I forget. She is 14 months now, and seems much more aware. She recognizes her name with high frequency and she knows the kids’ names. She still doesn’t say much other than uh-oh (when she drops something), but she is talking a lot more and every now and then will say the inflection of the appropriate word, like “hello” or “thank you.”

She has been eating like a beast lately. She wants to eat everything, except mango and olives. She loves meat, especially lunch meat. She will sit at the table, in her highchair, as long as the rest of the family and eats nearly all of the foods we eat.

She is still a very consistent sleeper, sleeping on the same schedule as the rest of the kids, with one or two naps during the day.

She is waving more, as well. She waves ‘bye’ and sometimes waves when someone arrives.

She loves to give high-fives.

Oftentimes at meals, when we are nearly done, she will put her hands behind her head and give a fake sigh. I then do the same and we go back and forth doing this a few times. It is fun, but leaves her hair a mess.

Mari says that’s everything!