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Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun, busy Labor Day Weekend. The Mary and Casey were in town and it was the last weekend to have our pool up. On Friday we had everyone over for pizza and to watch the Valley vs Dowling football game. On Saturday we did our own thing during the day and then Mary and Casey hosted dinner at the Rafferty’s (their friends’ house). Sunday was the closing party for the pool.

Friday night dinner
Kids’ table
Susan and I headed to the Connor dinner.
Supply organizing to get ready for another year of homeschooling for Lucia and Rose.
Elliot has been working hard this summer to save money to buy a new bike.
Kids in the pool.
Tube flip
See you next year, pool!
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The TikTok craze has definitely taken over our house. Andrew spends a fair amount of time watching videos, Mari and Hope like learning the dances, and teaching Lucia and Rose, and Elliot watches videos, but has a self-imposed daily limit. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Susan and Erin made their own TikTok account and video.

covid-19 Holiday pool The Reagens

4th of July Festivities

This year we hosted a 4th of July pool party! Gary, Kathie, and the Reagens (sans Nate) came over in the afternoon to hang out, eat dinner, and then enjoy a fireworks display presented by Ian. Having the pool available was fun because it reminded me of 4th of July in Cincinnati, where there was always a pool. Sadly, there was no Chex mix.

Mari’s Cake
covid-19 Home Life pool

House with a pool

When we moved back to Des M0ines after our trip, we were hoping to find a house with a pool. That didn’t work out. Now, with the prospect that pools won’t be open this summer, we decided to get a relatively cheap above ground pool to enjoy.

Accidentally using the pool cover as a ground tarp.
Initial setup
Partially filled, with some eager swimmers camped out to be the first ones in. That’s not true. Our kids just like camping out with the Reagens.
Filling the pool. We did not stand and watch for all 10 hours.
Enjoying the pool life
Still enjoying the pool life