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Labor Day Weekend

We had a fun, busy Labor Day Weekend. The Mary and Casey were in town and it was the last weekend to have our pool up. On Friday we had everyone over for pizza and to watch the Valley vs Dowling football game. On Saturday we did our own thing during the day and then Mary and Casey hosted dinner at the Rafferty’s (their friends’ house). Sunday was the closing party for the pool.

Friday night dinner
Kids’ table
Susan and I headed to the Connor dinner.
Supply organizing to get ready for another year of homeschooling for Lucia and Rose.
Elliot has been working hard this summer to save money to buy a new bike.
Kids in the pool.
Tube flip
See you next year, pool!
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Whiterock Conservancy

Today we took a day trip to Whiterock Conservancy with the Reagens. we have been out here a few times over the past few years, usually with the Reagens. Sometimes we spend the night. We enjoyed playing in the very low river, looking Lucia’s lost shoe, hiking, biking, and just hanging out.

Lucia and Rose crossing the river.
Susan and Erin making their way to a shady spot.
Opposite site
Nate and Erin
Hope, Susan and Mari, with Lucia in the back
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Creek Beach

Susan and the little girls made it down to the creek today to play in one of the beachy areas where there is nice sand and pleasant water. The girls love to work on projects using the sand, rocks, and sticks.

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Playing in the Creek

This summer the kids have been playing in the woods more than anytime since we have moved to this house. They built a fort and jumping ladder, into the creek, and today they took our skimboard from vacation down to the creek and towed each other like wakeboarding.

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Lake Viking

Over the past few days we headed to Lake Viking to celebrate Gary’s 80th birthday. Good times were had by all.

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24 Hours on the Trampoline

Mari and Hope spent 24 hours on the trampoline, including setting up a tent on the trampoline for the overnight. They were allowed bathroom breaks, but those breaks were timed and added to their requirement.

The setup
Nearing the end. . .
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Kuehn Conservation Area

This afternoon we went for a hike a Kuehn Conservation Area, about 30 minutes from our house. It was nice and provided some interesting trails.

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Crowder State Park

This afternoon we joined the Liess clan at Crowder State Park, in Missouri. After a rough start, because Rose got car sick on the winding roads, we had a great time spending the afternoon hanging out. It was a beautiful day and everyone had fun socializing and exploring.

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Clive Greenbelt Goats

The city of Clive has has goats that live near the trail and help eat the invasive species. We like to visit them. They have become the trail mascot and the city is now using them to help spread the healthy lifestyle.

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Forest Life

One good thing about the quarantine is that the kids have had more time to play outside and with the Reagens. Lately they have been working on a forest hideout where they can hang-out.