Market to Market Relay

Susan and I participated in the Market to Market relay today, waking at 3:15 am to meet our team downtown and head to Jefferson, IA, to start our 76 miles race. There were 8 of us who joined forces to cover the distance.

Red Flannel Run

Susan and the kids braved the cold temperatures this morning to come cheer me on in the Red Flannel Run. Susan and I ran this race together 17 years ago when we were dating. It was fun to do it again.

Greenwood Hike

Greenwood Hike

It was predicted to be a nice day today and the weather did not disappoint. We met up with the Reagens at Greenwood Park for a hike through the woods, playing with the ice on the pond, and then playing at the playground. Everyone loved spending some time outside and enjoying the warm sunshine.

Outdoor Productivity

Somewhat unplanned, we ended up having a very productive day today, getting our outdoor toys procured and set up. 

We bought a basketball hoop from some neighbors, and just had to walk it home.

Lucia took care of Winnie for us.

We finished up work on the playset, which we dismantled and moved last weekend.

Mari and Elliot found a trampoline on Craiglist, so we got that that today.

Jumping on the new trampoline.


Niagara Gorge

We learned this week that Niagara Falls has moved 7 miles in the past 12,000 years. This evening we got out for a hike in the gorge carved by the Niagara River. It features some neat rock formations, a wild river, and a whirlpool where the river makes a 90 degree turn.