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First Cross Country Race

Today was the first Cross Country race for Andrew and Mari. Cross Country and Soccer have been lifesavers during the pandemic because they are all outside and it gives the kids a chance to exercise and see their friends. Mari, Andrew, and Elliot are all running this year. Elliot’s first meet isn’t for a couple of weeks.

Mari making her way up the gradual uphill.
The start of the boys’ race.
Andrew on a downhill.
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Pizza Cake

Last year Mari and Hope made an awesome pig cake. This year they made a slice of pizza!

Birthday Mari

Mari’s 15th Birthday

Today we celebrated Mari’s 15th birthday. The Reagens and Mimi and Papa came over. We enjoyed tie-dye, swimming, pizza, cake, and presents.

Mari at 15 is a industrious, creative young lady. During the pandemic she has found many creative ways to keep herself busy, including artwork and baking. She still loves to be outside in the water. She also has been spending a lot of time in her room, partially because she does not like hanging out with the cat.

She wakes up on non-school days at around 10, because we make her. She promptly kicks us out of her room and usually makes it down within the next hour for breakfast. She then spends most of the day doing things around the house and in her room. She enjoys watching a show or two in the evening, but not going on family walks. I think she goes to bed around midnight.

She is still into soccer and is trying to run, but has been having some foot pain. She has also been working on driving lately and will take Drivers Ed in July.

Favorite song: None
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite band: None
Favorite book: The Hunger Games
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite movie: Spiderman Homecoming (Tom Holland)

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24 Hours on the Trampoline

Mari and Hope spent 24 hours on the trampoline, including setting up a tent on the trampoline for the overnight. They were allowed bathroom breaks, but those breaks were timed and added to their requirement.

The setup
Nearing the end. . .
Home Life Mari

Mari Ross

Mari has been working on a variety of art projects lately. This afternoon she followed a Bob Ross video on youtube, improvising with using our kitchen utensils since we are lacking some art supplies. She also had to make the canvas out of tiled sheets of paper left over from our homeschool days.

covid-19 Home Life Mari

Mari’s Room Pano

Mari has been working on redecorating her room. She painted The Great Wave on one of her walls, painted the other walls gray, and added a photo collage above her dresser.

covid-19 Home Life Mari

More Dessert

I can’t remember what this one was called, but Mari made another amazing dessert this week.

covid-19 Home Life Mari

Whoopie Pies

Mari likes to bake on Thursdays and today she made these great whoopie pies. The filling is a chocolate, cream cheese frosting.

covid-19 Mari

Mari’s Painting

Mari did a great job following along with Bob Ross using the few painting supplies that we have.
covid-19 Home Life Mari

The Great Wave

Mari begins another project.