Lucia and Andrew Birthday Party

This evening we celebrated Andrew and Lucia’s birthdays with the Reagens, Liesses, and Elsie and Abbot from next door. Lucia wanted walking tacos and Andrew always has Skyline, so we made walking tacos with Skyline taco meet (and some regular taco meet for those who prefer it). It was a fun night with good food and good company.

Stomach Virus

A stomach virus has been sweeping through the family for the past week. It has generally been OK, but Lucia couldn’t seem to shake it. We thought she was better yesterday, but she threw up again a few times in the evening and today she didn’t make it off the couch. By the afternoon we decided it was time to call the doctor, who recommended we take her to the emergency room. They were not happy with her behavior, either, and after giving her some nausea meds and a few drinks, decided we had better get her hooked up to an IV to increase her fluids.

6 hours of this was not a good sign.

Lucia Begins Dance

For Christmas, Mimi enrolled Lucia in dance classes! Lucia has always loved dancing and she is really enjoying participating in a formal class. Now that classes have started, she and Rose often have their own dance classes at home. Sometimes Lucia even let’s Rose be the teacher.

Friend’s Birthday Party

This afternoon Lucia go to go to a friend’s birthday party. Lucia is attending the HSAP homeschool classes offered by the school district and her friend also attends. Lucia talks about her a lot and was really excited for the party. I think she had fun.