Tic #2

This morning we removed our second tic of the trip. Lucia was brushing her hair and Susan noticed it on the back of her head.

Coronado Island

Yesterday after we moved across the park we headed to Coronado Island, a small town just outside San Diego, right on the coast. It is a beautiful town with a luxurious old hotel where people were ice skating. It was fun to watch the ice skating, especially because Californians don’t spend much time ice skating. 

We spent the afternoon at the beach and then we were planning on watching a boat parade through San Diego Bay, but Lucia was not feeling well so we headed home. Lucia definitely had something going on for a few hours, but by bedtime she was nearly back to herself. 

The rocks by the walk.
Sandcastle Artist
Tidepool Exploration
Oyster Hunt
Sick Lu

Lucia’s 5th Birthday!

Lucia turned 5 over the weekend. It was a bit of a crazy time because on her actual birthday we spent most of the day in San Francisco with the Liess clan. We still tried to make it a special day and then on Monday night we had cake and ice cream. 

Lucia at 5 continues to be an angel. She is smart, sweet, and enthusiastic. She loves life and socializing with other people. She is showing an interest in learning her letters this year, even though it is not something we encourage. She shares a bed with Rose in the RV and helps out when Rose needs it, either helping her find her pacifier or cuddling in the morning. 

She loves to bike with all of the kids and she is a master with her two-wheeler. It would be awesome to be back in Des Moines to try out some of the single track trails. 

Favorite song: Victor Vito
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Noodles
Favorite book: Thumbelina

Lucky Charms for her breakfast cereal
Aunt Mary made sure Lucia got a piece of cake at lunch on Pier 39.
This girl knows how to pose!
Mac & Cheese for her birthday dinner.
Playing her new game with Cameron.

Lucia Accidentally Catches a Fish

The kids have been enjoying fishing in the lake at our campground. No one has been having much luck so far, but today Lucia accidentally caught a fish! I had set the pole down on the dock, with the line in the water. She picked it up and started playing with it. I was worried she was going to drop it in the water and when I went to take the rod from her there was a fish on the line! 

Using her same technique each of the kids actually caught a fish later in the week.

Lucia’s Imaginary Friends

Lucia is definitely our most social child. Instead of having imaginary friends, like many kids do, she becomes one. Sometimes on our hikes or when we are just hanging out she insists that we call her Kenzie, short for McKenzie, and she also insists that we don’t know her. She will spend 5-30 minutes conjuring up different scenarios in which we, the Lieslands, hang out with Kenzie. 

She also still tells us about many adventures she has with Veda, our friends’ daughter who attended Susan’s preschool. We hear all about their adventures and experiences regularly.

Savannah from Asheville

Lucia made a friend, Savannah, at our campground in Pigeon Forge. Savannah’s family arrived on Friday, and they didn’t have much time together, but Lucia enjoyed having a friend to play with.

Morning Routine

Looking for bullfrogs

The girls have been getting up at around 7:45 this week and each morning we get to go for a short walk. This always includes a trip to the pond to look for bullfrogs.