Online Dance Class

Lucia has been taking dance class since January – and she loves it. Her dance school has moved their classes to online during the pandemic. Not the same, but she enjoyed having something to do.


I love snow. From when the first snow falls to when the last snow melts. I love the sound of it crunching beneath my feet. I love the taste of it after sledding down a great big hill. I love building snowmen. I love having snowball fights. I love sledding. I love ice skating and feeling the slick ice beneath my warm feet. I love family dinners and sitting by the fire telling stories. I love exploring the bare woods and playing hockey on our creek. I love curling up next to the fire and drinking hot cocoa after a hard day’s work. I love laying in my bed at night with the snow shining into my room telling me to get a good night’s sleep so I can come back again the next morning. I love snow!