Andrew’s Orchestra Concert

Andrew had his final orchestra concert of the year tonight. Just like Mari’s band concert 3 weeks ago, I couldn’t make it because I am in Cincinnati for work. Susan tells me it was a good show.

Dinner at Gateway Market, where kids eat free on Tuesdays.
Andrew & Will, ready for the show.

Drama Performances

The kids had their drama performances this week. I had some technical difficulties during the recording. Someone called during Elliot’s and I had to leave during Andrew’s because Rose was ready to explore. 





Climb Iowa

This year for Christmas we gave the kids a one-month membership to Climb Iowa, an indoor rock-climbing gym about 10 minutes from our house. Yesterday we made our first trip. The kids had a great time. We hope to go about twice a week for the month of January.

Moving up in the (music) world

This year Andrew and Mari both started playing new instruments – Tuba for Mari and Cello for Andrew. In recent weeks they have both progressed beyond the entry-level classes that they were in. Mari started playing with the full fifth grade orchestra a couple of weeks ago and yesterday in class she was particularly proud of being called out for her skills. She was asked to come to the front of the class to play a solo of Jingle Bells. 

Andrew will join the full seventh grade orchestra at Indian Hills Junior High next week. His friend Will is already in this group and Andrew is excited for some more complex work.

Neighborhood Sports


Yesterday we wrapped up our summer season of Neighborhood Sports. Since the Olympics start today, we finished up with some Olympic-type activities & games.

Tennis Lessons

This week and next the kids are taking tennis lessons with the City of Clive. They all like to play tennis and are glad to be out on the court.


End of the Soccer Season

Today we wrapped up the spring soccer season. Andrew & Mari finished last week and Elliot had his last game today – a make-up game. It was a fun year and we are already looking forward to the fall.

Elliot's team, minus a couple of players.
Elliot’s team, minus a couple of players.
A few girls from Mari's team, at Jason's Deli.
A few girls from Mari’s team, at Jason’s Deli.

Drama Performances

All 3 older kids love their drama enrichment class. This week we got to see the performances for the plays they have been working on this year.







Home Depot Kids’ Workshop

The kids still love to go to the Home Depot Kids’ Workshops. They usually remember on the first Saturday, unprompted. This time Lucia made her first craft – a mailbox for valentines. She painted everything while the other kids worked on theirs, then when everyone else was done they helped Lucia assemble hers.