Dinner With Lucia

Lucia likes to be in on the action, and that includes dinner when she now refuses to sit in her highchair. She sits in between me and Andrew and is pretty much a nightmare. She is often not hungry at dinner so she spends time picking up random pieces of food, either from someone’s plate or from the serving dishes, and trying to feed me or Andrew. She also just likes to move the food around, so she will take food from one place and put it another. Inevitably she puts a spoonful of something in my water and on the floor.

Tonight we were all cracking up when she was trying to feed Andrew a clementine. All of a sudden she started spitting out a huge bite of breakfast sausage that none of us even knew she had in her mouth. Then she produced her fake/social laugh and got back to the business of trying to feed me and Andrew.

The other thing she likes to do is clear the table. If there is any empty dish she will try to pick it up and give it to one of us to put on the counter.

You might be wondering what she is like at lunch. Pretty much the same, but she sits with Susan and Elliot. 🙂

Selling Our House – Under Contract!

As of this morning, our current house and the house we want to buy are under contract. Here is how it went down. This past Wednesday someone came to look at our house a second time. It was Alexis, a college student at Drake, and her dad. She had 6 more years in the pre-pharmacy program at Drake and rather than renting and losing money for 6 years they decided to buy a house that she could live in with some roommates. We received their offer on Thursday. It was good enough for us to accept,which meant that our house was under contract.

I think it is also worth mentioning that at this point we were already under a contingent contract. Some acquaintances of ours had already made an offer on our house, subject to the sale of their house. When the new offer came in they signed-off pretty quickly, indicating that they were releasing their contract.

So now it was time for us to make a move. We had had our eyes on a house, Clive I, for a while. In fact, seeing this house was what spurred me to put our house on the market. We knew they had a contingent offer on that house. We made an offer right away, hoping that their contingent offer would be released. Our Realtor, Sharon, told us that the people with a contingent offer on that house could perform without actually selling their house, so we were not very optimistic. The house was in a weird circumstance and their Realtor was going to meet with the decider at 10:30 on Friday morning.

At 9:05 on Friday morning, when I was getting settled in at guitar lessons, Sharon called and said that she was at another house she wanted us to come see. At 9:35 I picked up Susan, the kids, and Adrienne, who was in town visiting. We all headed over to the house and immediately loved it. It was right down the street from Clive I and it has a finished basement where Susan could operate her program. It had just gone on the market two days ago. We immediately knew we wanted it and made a good offer. By dinnertime we heard back from the buyers with a small counter offer, which we accepted.

Selling Our House

In Mid-December we decided to sell our house and look for something a little different. We spent the last couple of weeks getting everything ready and tomorrow we sign with a Realtor. We contemplated FSBO, but decided we have enough going on and would like some help this time around. We actually had a showing today to a potential FSBO buyer, but they were not interested, so we are back to the Realtor.

The Game Closet

This evening Susan decided it was time to clean out the game closet. The game closet is in Andrew’s room and is a fairly large closet. Good thing – because we have about 85 games. We managed to get rid of a few, but the kids convinced us to keep the rest.

Elliot Counting the Games
Elliot Counting the Games

Lucia’s Bath

Last night, for the first time since she was born, I gave Lucia a bath. The funny thing is that I didn’t even have to do anything! I had her in the bath with Mari who rather enjoyed playing with her and getting her all washed up. All I had to do was take her out and get her dressed.

Lucia in the Bath
Lucia in the Bath

Lucia’s Funk

Lucia has been in a funk ever since the time change, about six weeks ago. She has been sleeping oddly, fussy, and generally not content. All of a sudden she appears to be back to her normal self. She has been on a better schedule and is playing by herself more frequently. On top of that she has been crawling instead of scooting and she has also been eating like crazy. She has never taken too much of an interest in food, but lately she can’t get enough. Hopefully the good times will stick around.