AFC Championship Game

Cincinnati’s NFL team, the Bengals, have been on an historic run this year in the playoffs. Today they won the AFC championship game, which means they are headed to the Super Bowl on Feb 13.

We have made Skyline dip for every playoff game and already have the supplies for the Super Bowl.
Lining up for the game-winning field goal.
And it’s good – Bengals win and are headed for the Super Bowl.


It has been a quiet start to the new year. We enjoyed a lovely snow on New Year’s Day, but things have been quiet because of COVID.

Rose – Free to roam about the world.
Lucia – Free to roam about the world.
Elliot – Free to roam about the world.
Mari – Day 7
Andrew – Free to roam about the world.
Rob – Free to roam about the world, but a little tired still.
Susan – Free to roam about the world, but a little tired still.

Happy Winter Solstice!

We celebrated the solstice with a fire and s’mores. Susan found some nice readings for dinnertime and around the fire. It was rather chilly, so we didn’t stay out too long.

Susan and Rob

Candle making

For the past couple of years Susan and Mari have tried their hands at being candle makers. They use old candle containers, odd jars, bees wax, and essential oils.

Cover Your Assets

A few years ago, for Christmas, we received the game Cover Your Assets. We have played it periodically. It is a nice game because everyone in the family can play. It has become a staple during our current COVID quarantine. We play every night after dinner. The main instigator is Andrew, who has yet to win and insists on playing until he does. Another big storyline is that Rose often has the most valuable asset, until the very end of the game when somone steals it from her. She is not usually happy about this.


We are now up to 4 Lieslands with a positive COVID test: Elliot (already back to school), Andrew (feeling well, but has to stay home for a few more days), Rose (feeling 100%), Lucia (cold symptoms). The rest of us continue to test semi-weekly.

Day 8

We are now on Day 8 of our COVID quarantine. Elliot starting not feeling well a couple of Sunday ago (sore throat, headache, achiness) and got his test results back on Wednesday. Since then we have been laying low.

Elliot not feeling well.
Firetruck Santa on parade
We have been making a lot of puzzles.
A week later, Andrew is not feeling well.

Christmas Lights

We hung some christmas lights.

Mari always insists on doing the roof work and Lucia and Rose like to join her on the roof. Mari wants to do the high part above the driveway, but after doing it myself the first year we lived here, no more.

Giant Pizza

Tonight for dinner we ordered this giant pizza from Dough Co. Pizza. 26″!! It was huge. The pizza itself was only OK, but worth it every now and then because it is so big.