Life in Phoenix

We had a hard time finding a campground in Phoenix that met our criteria. Many of the campgrounds here are 55+, which we definitely do not qualify for. We ended up about 45 minutes north of the city on a lake. It is a nice place and I am sure we will find plenty to do over the next few weeks. 

Oakhurst -> Santa Cruz

Today we moved from Oakhurst to Santa Cruz. It was a quick drive,  back through the agricultural valley. It is amazing how many trees, bushes, and vines we have driven past. 

There was a Halloween party at the campground which we arrived just in time for.
Mari and Elliot wrapped this girl in toilet paper. It was a race.
Elliot has been helping to get Rose to sleep lately. She had been sharing a bed with Lucia, but they were too wound up going to bed, so we had to separate them. Rose was not happy to be alone so Elliot volunteered to help. He normally reads his kindle and then when she falls asleep he moves to his bed, but it looks like tonight he never made the move.

Painting Rocks

We have been finding a lot of painted rocks around the area that we are in. Susan and the kids thought it would be fun to get in on the action.

We found this one a few days ago on Whitby Island.
Hard at work


I took the day off today for Susan’s birthday (tomorrow) which meant that this morning I had a chance to run some errands with the family. It was my first time visiting the laundromat with Susan, which I really enjoyed. We also stopped by a cool grocery store in Twisp. The owner is an avid hunter and he has animals from around the world on display.

Waiting for the washer to finish.
loading the dryer
The Lion King

Garage Sale – Weekend 1

Today and yesterday were the first days of our garage sale. We sold some stuff and will have plenty more to sell next week. In preparation for our big trip we have decided to sell most things, rather than pack them, so we are really clearing out.

Quick Life Updates

  1. Our house is now under contract. We are through the inspection phase and ready to get moving! We are scheduled to close before the end of May. Right now we are thinking we will stay with family in DM after we sell our house, to give us a more peaceful transition to the RV, which we still need to buy. 
  2. Due to the fast timeline of our move, we have decided not to get a puppy until we get back. There is much sadness around the issue, but it would have been too much in such a tight timeframe.