Saturday Happenings

This afternoon we paid a visit to Greenwood Park, where the kids used to come every Monday during homeschooling. The pond was awesomely frozen and we enjoyed the lower access. Elliot also saw a big mammal swimming under the ice.
In the evening we went to the mall to hang out and walk around for a bit. Rose wanted to visit Santa, so we did just that.

Sunday Happenings

I left town for a work conference today. Susan and the girls found plenty to do.

Lu riding her new bike. Must be right before her soccer game.
Susan’s friend Lily and her dog, Archie, came over for a visit
Lucia, Rose, and Archie.

Playing in the Creek

We don’t back up to the creek anymore, but we live close enough that we walk down to the creek a lot. It has been running high most of the year. It was a nice day today and the creek is finally running normal, so we took Lucia and Rose down to play.