TV & Xbox

After going the last 14 years without a TV, this year for Christmas we surprised the kids with a TV and an Xbox. As they get older more of their friend’s social activities involve video games and they are old enough to handle it a little better, so we took the plunge.

I am actually writing this post a few weeks after the fact, and so far things are going OK. We have established decent limits and have a good selection of non-violent games for them to play.

Firetruck Santa

There is a tradition in Clive where the fire department drives Santa around a couple of weeks before Christmas to visit all of the neighborhood kids. This morning was the big day and the kids were excited for the visit. 

The Pox is Upon Us!

Lucia and Rose have Chicken Pox! They were exposed a couple of weeks ago, and we noticed the first pox on Monday night. Tuesday was OK, but things have gone downhill since then. Lucia has a ton, and quite a few on her face. Rose has about half as many as Lucia, but also some in some uncomfortable places. They are doing better now and we hope to see some improvement over the weekend.