Firetruck Santa

There is a tradition in Clive where the fire department drives Santa around a couple of weeks before Christmas to visit all of the neighborhood kids. This morning was the big day and the kids were excited for the visit. 

Christmas Decorations

On our way back from Kansas City we stopped to pick out our Christmas tree at the Costco Christmas tree farm. This has sort of become a tradition as soon as we are back from Thanksgiving and we drive right by Costco on our way home from Kansas City, so it works well.

We got the tree installed right away when we got home.
settle in overnight and started decorating on Saturday morning.
Elliot finding the right spot.
Andrew and Susan finished things up.
It was a beautiful day, so in the afternoon we worked on the lights on the outside of the house. The older kids enjoyed their time on the roof.
Christmas Dancer

Thanksgiving in Kansas City

This year for Thanksgiving we headed south and spent the day with the Connors in Kansas City. It was fun. 

Aunt Mary bought a big table cloth that we all took turns helping to color in.
The weather was nice, so we went for a walk 
Before dessert the kids tried their hand at launching and catching whipped cream.
Dinner was so good that we forgot to take pictures. Dessert was pretty amazing, too.

Easter in Yemassee

We started the day off with our traditional Easter basket hunt. Our kids leave their Easter baskets out on the table the night before Easter and the Easter bunny hides them.

Even in the RV, it still took Andrew over 30 minutes to find his basket.

After finding Easter baskets, we head outside to find the eggs that the Easter bunny has also hidden.

This year we went for a walk around the lakes near our campground. It was a cool 65 degrees for our walk, but when I looked at the weather in Des Moines it was 24.

All ready for church!

We went to Saint James the Greater, a small Catholic church about 15 minutes from our campground. It was great.

After church they had a small Easter celebration with hot dogs and treats.