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Elliot Running

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Cross Country Runners

They are never all running in the same meet this year, so we had to get a picture or Andrew, Mari, and Elliot before they left the house on meet day.

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Mountain Biking

No soccer games today, so Elliot and I took Lucia out for her first mountain biking. She was a little nervous, but had fun and said she wants to go again.

I forgot to get a picture on the trail, so this closing shot will have to do.
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Elliot Indianola XC Meet

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Elliot’s Haircut II

Mari gave Elliot another haircut. . .

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Elliot’s Haircut

Mari gave Elliot a haircut.
Birthday Elliot

Elliot’s Birthday at Skyzone

Today was Elliot’s actual birthday. He went to Skyzone with Cameron, Susan and Erin and then afterward they went out for dinner.

Birthday Elliot

Elliot’s Birthday Party

Elliot, wearing Mari’s gift-wrapping accessories.
Blowing out his candles.

This evening we celebrated Elliot’s birthday, a few days early. The Reagens and Mar-Mar and BeBob came over for dinner.

Elliot turned 13 this year. He is generally a caring boy who likes to help out around the house, sometimes. He is still the best at making Andrew laugh, and also knowing how to get under his skin. He wakes up at 6:30 every morning for school, where he spends most of his day. Every day when I pick him up I ask if anything happened today, to which the reply is always ‘no.’ In his free time he likes to play soccer and hang out with Cam.

Favorite song The Box
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Skyline
Favorite band: None
Favorite book: Harry Potter 7
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite movie: Knives Out

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Elliot’s Solo Festival

This evening Susan took Elliot to his solo festival. All members of the band have an opportunity to play a solo for a judge who rates them on various measures. I think it went well.