Clive Fireworks

We have a couple of annual fireworks traditions with the Reagens. If we are around, we view the Yankee Doodle Pops fireworks in early July, closer to the fourth, and we also go to the Clive Festival Fireworks in late July. Here we all are watching the Clive fireworks.

Back in Des Moines

After 11 months on the road, today we arrived back in Des Moines. The Reagens greeted us at the campground. We got set up and then headed to their house for dinner. We will need to spend the next couple of days moving out of the RV. 

Father/Daughter Dance

This evening Mari and I attended the Father/Daughter dance that is put on by the city of Des Moines. We went to Blaze Pizza before hand with Nate and Hope and then walked across the street to the Science Center. Last year was our first year and this year was even more fun. Lucia was sad because she could not go, but she will get to go next year.

Dressed up and ready to go!

Mari and Hope hitting the snacks.

Santa Visit

To this day, Lucia thinks that Santa travels in a fire truck and when we see a fire truck she says, “There’s Santa!”

The Clive Fire Department escorts Santa around town to visit the kids in the neighborhood. The kids all love it. 

Single Track

This afternoon Andrew, Mari, Elliot and I went for our first and last single track bikeride of the year. It was a beautiful afternoon and the kids did a great job carving up the trails. I imagine it has been a few years since we have been out there and it felt good.

The kids after the first run.
The kids after the first run.

The kids at the finish line
The kids at the finish line, 5 years ago.