Cincinnati Fun

We haven’t been to Cincinnati in a year and we have been working hard this summer to find a time to go. A good window presented itself and we made the trip, staying just a few days in Cincinnati. We mostly hung out with my family, except for visiting with the Herrels.

Driving to Cincinnati

After a slight delay, we are headed to Cincinnati! We delayed our trip one day because Elliot started developing a rash. We weren’t sure what it was, but after a few hours we could determine that it was poison ivy.

The big kids like to rotate who sits in the back and are committed to making sure they switch at the right time. Here they are, doing the rotation.

Cincinnati Visit

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Cincinnati Trip

This weekend we made a quick trip to Cincinnati. We left Thursday afternoon and drove home on Monday. Holly’s 40th birthday party was on Saturday night and we thought it would be fun to show up for the weekend and surprise the Donleys and the Beinkempers. It was.

Life in Cincinnati

We spent the past week in Cincinnati, the same way we started our trip. After the long Memorial Day weekend, I worked all week and Susan and the kids hung out around town.

Cincinnati Visit

This past weekend we traveled to Cincinnati to help out Holly and attend my cousin Kelly’s wedding on Saturday. It was a fun visit, with plenty to do. We also had the chance to celebrate Mari’s birthday with the Hyland clan.


Cincinnati Visit

Last week we were in Cincinnati. It was spring break here so we took the opportunity to spend the week in Cincinnati. Highlights include hanging out with family, a date night with Simon and Rachel, dinner with the Herrels, and Elsie’s birthday party.

Taco Dinner

Killin’ time at Ikea

Madelyn, Lucia, Annie, Mari

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Cincinnati Visit

Sunday: Drive there
Monday: Dinner with the Romans at Skyline
Tuesday: Dinner at my parents’
Wednesday: Dinner with the Herrels
Thursday: Thanksgiving Breakfast, Thanksgiving dinner at the Radles’
Friday: Hang out, help Holly & Alex move, Holly & Alex’s for dinner
Saturday: Xavier game, Thanksgiving dinner at the Holmes’
Sunday: A very long drive home (11 hours, traffic back-up, rainy!)

Cincinnati Visit

We just wrapped up our nearly annual summer trip to Cincinnati.

Day 1: Drive & Skyline
Day 2: Mar-Mar’s birthday and Joyce and Dave’s for 4th of July
Day 3: Rob work, dinner & Smale Park with Romans
Day 4: Dinner at Holly’s
Day 5: Dinner with the Herrels
Day 6: Pizza night at Jill’s
Day 7: Drive home

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