Cincinnati Trip

This weekend we made a quick trip to Cincinnati. We left Thursday afternoon and drove home on Monday. Holly’s 40th birthday party was on Saturday night and we thought it would be fun to show up for the weekend and surprise the Donleys and the Beinkempers. It was.

Cincinnati Visit

This past weekend we traveled to Cincinnati to help out Holly and attend my cousin Kelly’s wedding on Saturday. It was a fun visit, with plenty to do. We also had the chance to celebrate Mari’s birthday with the Hyland clan.


Cincinnati Visit

Last week we were in Cincinnati. It was spring break here so we took the opportunity to spend the week in Cincinnati. Highlights include hanging out with family, a date night with Simon and Rachel, dinner with the Herrels, and Elsie’s birthday party.

Taco Dinner

Killin’ time at Ikea

Madelyn, Lucia, Annie, Mari

Cincinnati Visit

Sunday: Drive there
Monday: Dinner with the Romans at Skyline
Tuesday: Dinner at my parents’
Wednesday: Dinner with the Herrels
Thursday: Thanksgiving Breakfast, Thanksgiving dinner at the Radles’
Friday: Hang out, help Holly & Alex move, Holly & Alex’s for dinner
Saturday: Xavier game, Thanksgiving dinner at the Holmes’
Sunday: A very long drive home (11 hours, traffic back-up, rainy!)

Cincinnati Visit

Last week we went to Cincinnati to see the family and work.

Monday: We drove to Cinti. Rose did awesome and totally rocked it – 9:15.
Tuesday: I went to work, Susan and the kids went to the art museum.
Wednesday: Everyone had a snow day, but I went in to work. The Donleys and Beinkempers came to Mar-Mar and Be-Bob’s for some sledding. For dinner we went to the Herrels’.
Thursday: I went to work. Susan and the kids went to the aquarium. We had dinner at Skyline with the Romans, but Susan stayed home with Rose and Lu because Lucia was not feeling well.
Friday: I took the day off and Susan went to observe at the Cincinnati Waldorf School preschool. In the evening many Hyland and Appels came to Mar-Mar and Be-Bob’s for dinner.
Saturday: Drove home. Rose rocked it again – 8:55. Good to be home. We actually took Mari to the Dr right when we got home because a rash she had was not looking good. Turned out to be OK. 🙂




Cincinnati Visit

Cincinnati Visit

We headed to Cincinnati for a few days. It included the usual, including Skyline, LaRosa’s, and Graeter’s, all in the first 24 hours. It will be our last visit to Cincinnati before #5 arrives.

Post-Deweys, at Simon and Rachel's
Post-Deweys, at Simon and Rachel’s

Thanksgiving in Cincinnati

This past week we headed to Cincinnati for the week. I went to work for a few days and then it was on to Thanksgiving festivities. It was a good, busy visit. We arrived Saturday night and got settled in. On Sunday we headed to church with Mar-mar and then hung out around the house. Monday night was dinner at the Caf at Xavier and then we headed to a Men’s basketball game. Both are always highlights.

Dinner at the Caf
Dinner at the Caf

Hangin with D'Artagnanc
Hangin with D’Artagnan

Tuesday night we had dinner with the Romans and then the Herrels on Wednesday. Thursday was Thanksgiving breakfast, dinner with my parents and the Donleys, and then we watched The Sound of Music. On Friday Lucia and I went for a hike with Be-Bob, Jill, and Madelyn while Susan and the kids hit Ikea. Dinner was the traditional Friday night LaRosa’s.