RV Park Minigolf

This evening we had the chance to play minigolf at the RV park. A few of our parks along the way have had courses, and they are not usually well maintained. The minigolf course here is amazing – with some cool features we have never seen before. 


Hitchin’ Post RV Campground

We stayed overnight tonight in northwest Florida, on our way to our next campground. Normally our overnight stops are not too noteworthy, but this campground was pretty cool. There were a couple of lakes, plenty of lawn games, and they provide complementary firewood. 

Lawn Games

Jerry & Sheila Visit

Jerry, Sheila, Nikki, & Sam came to visit yesterday. They came for lunch and Jerry brought his fishing boat so we could get out on the lake. Andrew, Mari, & Elliot had fun on the boat and Lucia and Rose were happy play with Sheila and Nikki again.