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First Cross Country Race

Today was the first Cross Country race for Andrew and Mari. Cross Country and Soccer have been lifesavers during the pandemic because they are all outside and it gives the kids a chance to exercise and see their friends. Mari, Andrew, and Elliot are all running this year. Elliot’s first meet isn’t for a couple of weeks.

Mari making her way up the gradual uphill.
The start of the boys’ race.
Andrew on a downhill.
Andrew School

Andrew’s Orchestra Concert

Andrew is nearly in the dead center of this frame, just off the upper-right of the play button.
Will & Andrew
Andrew Kids' Activities

Living History Farms Race

This morning Andrew ran in the Living History Farms race. It was pretty good weather and he had a lot of fun with his friends.

Andrew School

Andrew Orchestra Concert

This evening Andrew had his first orchestra concert of the year. You can see his head back behind Will.
Andrew Birthday Lucia

Lucia and Andrew Birthday Party

This evening we celebrated Andrew and Lucia’s birthdays with the Reagens, Liesses, and Elsie and Abbot from next door. Lucia wanted walking tacos and Andrew always has Skyline, so we made walking tacos with Skyline taco meet (and some regular taco meet for those who prefer it). It was a fun night with good food and good company.

Andrew Birthday Sports

Andrew’s 16th Birthday

Today we mini-celebrated Andrew’s 16th birthday. He was supposed to have a cross country meet out of town, so we didn’t plan anything. The meet was cancelled because of the weather and his team arranged a duel meet with another local team. Andrew ran a great race and we picked up a mini chocolate cake for afterward.

Andrew and some of his running friends – Jackson, Luke, and Carter.
Blurry Cake

Favorite song:  IDK
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite food:  Pasta
Favorite band:  IDK
Favorite book: Harry Potter
Favorite sport: XC
Favorite movie: IDK
Favorite Subject: Social Studies

Andrew Sports

Andrew & Will

Cross Country Fans

Andrew Lucia Sports

Lucia’s Soccer

Lucia started playing soccer this year and I get to coach. Andrew is continuing his reffing career, now in his 4th year.

Pre-game huddle
Andrew reffing
Andrew Sports

First VHS Cross Country Meet

Andrew running in his first race of the year.
Andrew Mari School

First Day of School 2019

Today was the first day of school for the 3 older kids – sort of. We had a vaccine snafu with Elliot and he was not able to go.

Mari, grade 8
Andrew, Sophomore