Things we like to do at home

Rose has been working on her writing a lot lately and enjoys making lists. Today she wrote out a list of all of the things we like to do at home.

Cincinnati Visit

DSM Arts Festival

This evening we headed to the Des Moines Arts Festival to see some art and lovelytheband. The band just has one big hit, but we all had fun at the live concert.

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Minneapolis Soccer Tournament

This weekend we headed to Minneapolis for a soccer tournament for Mari’s team. We watched a lot of soccer and spent a lot of time hanging out with friends.

Mari must be out there somewhere.
Susan, Lucia, and Rose took a morning off to visit friends: Hope, Sarah, Susan, and Jen.
Saturday was my 40th birthday, so we had a little party in our hotel room.

Happy Birthday Mari!

It was a low-key birthday for Mari this year because there is a lot going on. The Reagens are out of town and soccer is still in full swing as Mari’s team preps for a tournament this weekend.

For dinner we went to P.F. Chang’s. Andrew was working, so he couldn’t make it.

Mari turned 16 this year and is already driving herself to school and some other school-related places. She gets up around 6:30 and school days and we wake her up around noon on off-days. She likes to play soccer, read, and spend time on her phone. Her favorite app is TikTok. She watches some shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Outer Banks. For Friday night pizza she insists on Papa John’s. I think she goes to bed around 2 when there is not school.

June Middles

Susan staining the deck. Now that the pool is done we are working on improving our deck.
Hilli, Lucia, and Rose swimming
Lucia, Susan and Rose swimming

Mar-Mar and Be-Bob Visit

Mar-Mar and Be-Bob have been visiting for a few days.

Reading in the back yard
I took an afternoon off work. We went for a walk downtown and to the Botanical Center.