Des Moines Father/Daughter Dance

This evening Lucia, Rose and I headed to the Father/Daughter dance. Mari was invited, but opted not to attend this year. 🙁

We had dinner at Blaze Pizza and then headed to the Science Center for the dance. The girls always have fun dancing, exploring the science center, and eating some desserts.


We got a cat! Lucia named it Oreo and we thought that works well because he is very black and white. He is taking some time to adjust to our house and all of the new experiences, but he is doing great. So far it is a lot easier than getting a puppy.

Dance Class

Lucia is going to take the spring off from soccer and is back in her dance class. She loves dance and this year she wants to stay after every class to watch the older girls.

Amy Klobuchar Event

This evening we went to an Amy Klobuchar event in Johnston. It was in an old barn. We were relegated to the overflow room, but we snuck upstairs for some views and pictures. Amy is running for president and we decided to go check her out because she was still on the debate stage.