Valentine’s Day Dinner

We have had our Valentine’s Day dinner at Panera almost every year since Andrew was born. This year was no different. A fun time was had by all. Andrew had other plans this year, so he did not attend. His chicken noodle soup breadbowl was lonely.

Ice Skating

This afternoon Lucia, Rose and I went ice skating. Rose and I went for a walk yesterday and enjoyed playing on the ice, so we paid another visit today with Lucia. Lucia made a lot of progress on the skates and Rose enjoyed playing on the ice in her shoes.

Super Bowl Party

The Reagens hosted the Super Bowl party this year and the Bengals were in the Super Bowl for the first time since I was a kid! They had a great season and run through the playoffs. It was a lot of fun.

Susan and Rob
The Couch
Lucia and Rose needed some other things to do.


This evening Mari had her second showing of Gossamer. It is a one-act play that she is participating in as part of the Iowa High School Speech Association’s annual competition. Districts were a couple of weeks ago in Oceola and her group qualified for State, which was hosted today at Valley. They will find out on Monday if they make it through to the All-State competition. There are no photos during the show, so we must settle for before and after.

The stage
Mari with her eye make-up.

PS – Mari’s show was on Friday night and most of the acts and shows were on Saturday. We spent most of the day there enjoying the various acts: short plays, improv, radio production, tv production, musicals, readers theater, choral reading.

USA vs Honduras

The older kids skipped school today and we drove up to St. Paul for the USMNT vs Honduras. They are in World Cup qualifying right now and the US needs to get some wins. The won the game, but the weather was the biggest story today. It was 4 degrees when the game started, with an even colder windchill. We were all bundled up and I felt bad for the players. It was awesome to see the game and we will remember the experience.

Before the game we spent time together at Mall of America. We played a cellphone version of Marco Polo to help pass the time.
No one wanted to have their picture taken.
Pre-game ice sculpture.
By the field.

AFC Championship Game

Cincinnati’s NFL team, the Bengals, have been on an historic run this year in the playoffs. Today they won the AFC championship game, which means they are headed to the Super Bowl on Feb 13.

We have made Skyline dip for every playoff game and already have the supplies for the Super Bowl.
Lining up for the game-winning field goal.
And it’s good – Bengals win and are headed for the Super Bowl.

Creighton Visit

While Susan had the girls at First Reconciliation, the older kids and I headed to Omaha. We attended the Xavier vs. Creighton basketball game, grabbed some ice cream, and then went for a walk around Creighton’s campus. The highlight of the trip was that Xavier was losing 36-19 at halftime and then scored 19 straight points to start the second half and ended up winning by 10.

First Reconciliation

Lucia and Rose are both preparing for their First Communion this year, which starts with First Reconciliation. They attended this morning, with Susan. Both girls were excited to go and enjoyed the whole experience.