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Yemassee, SC to Newport, NC

Today we drove from Yemassee to Newport, NC. We are staying at a campground that is just across the intercostal waterway from a few islands. It is one last slow week before the DC, NYC, Boston experience. 

It is cold here.
Shortly after our selfie, Lucias flip-flip fell in the water. She was not happy about it.
We ran to an adjacent dock, where Andrew snagged it with a branch.
Hard to see, but I had to dangle Elliot over the edge to grab it.
Bringing Elliot back over the rail.
Lucia and Rose love playgrounds and the big kids usually find ways to entertain themselves as well.

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  1. You guys are very resourceful! I think I’d have let the shoe go and bought new ones! Looking forward to biking next wk., in 60’s !

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