The Castle Tour Continues

Yesterday we went to the Mystery Castle; today we headed north to Montezuma Castle. We tried to stop here last week on our way to Sedona, but it was closed because of the government shutdown. We spent about 30 minutes each at Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well. The castle area features some neat cliff-dwellings. The well area features a spring that comes up in a limestone crater of sorts. Over 1.5 million gallons of water per day come up through the desert floor. There were also cliff-dwellings, cave-dwellings, and a pit house around the well. I am glad we had to make a special trip and had more time. Had we gone last week we would not have taken the time to go to Montezuma Well. 

Montezuma Castle
Montezuma Well Overlook
Mari helping Rose.
Andrew’s picture of Montezuma Well. No fish can live in the well because there is not enough oxygen, but it is full of leaches. We passed on swimming.

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