Struck Down

This is from an email I sent to Erin & Nate:

I thought you guys might think this is interesting. We went out to eat yesterday at a popular/historic Mexican restaurant here in Las Cruces. We had a ton of food and I tried to limit my intake, but afterward I just did not feel well.

It turns out that I have the stomach bug that is sweeping the family. Hopefully I am the last, since everyone else seems to have have it in some form. At 1:30 I woke up not feeling well. We live in an RV, so I raced outside. I threw up over the wall around our campsite, into some landscaping. I was not feeling well so I remember laying my head on the wall, like a school desk. 

A few minutes later I woke up on the ground. I had peed in my pants and there was gravel dust, from the campsite, in my mouth, nose, and eyes. I have two small scrapes on my nose and when I blow my nose this morning gravel dust still comes out.

Susan came out to help me and I stripped down to my underwear before going back in the RV and getting cleaned up. I felt lousy all night, but I am beginning to function again. This sickness comes in waves, but hopefully I am through the worst of it. 

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