Potato Chip Rock Hike

We started off 2018 with a hike to Potato Chip Rock. It is a popular hike about 30 minutes outside of San Diego. it is 4 miles uphill to a cool rock formation, then back. It was maybe one of our hardest hikes of the trip so far. The uphill part was long and hot. Many folks who set up for potato chip rock actually don’t make it because it is just too strenuous. Once we made it to the rock there was a rather long line to get our picture, but we decided to wait. There is actually an easier way to get there that most folks opt for, but it is a shorter, steep walk along a road. 

Our picture experience was interesting. Mari was ready to let her legs dangle off the edge, but Susan and I were not. Susan says that getting out to the rock was the most stressful for her, but once we were out there I was ready to get down. I had the same feeling I had at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, where it just didn’t feel safe. We got some quick pictures and then it was back down the hill to get to our car before the city park closed its gates.

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  1. Worst family pic. I ever saw! Just kidding! I could not have done that even when I was young, afraid of hts.!

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