First Flat

Yesterday we had to change the first flat tire on our RV. Luckily we noticed it as we were pulling in to park it for the week. The RV comes with a full-size spare, so that change was a pretty simple process. The one bump in the road was that our RV was parked in a field so the jack got pressed into the ground as we raised the axle. We had to do a couple of attempts to get some of the RV leveling blocks underneath it to help support it. 

After it was off the kids found a puncture on the side of the tire. We should be able to get it repaired/replaced this week and it will become our new spare tire.

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  1. What a coincidence to randomly run in to people you know from D.M. Hope the Reagens arrived safe and sound. It will be a blast for all of you, won’t even require nice weather. You can always watch the NCAA. Gooo big X (“z”) as I call them!

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