Exploring Boston

Today I took the day off work and we explored Boston.

The day started with my favorite parking spot of all time. They had special parking for trucks, up on the curb.
We headed into Boston on the T. You know I love the public transit. I don’t think we have any pictures of the way home, when we got stuck on the train for 45 minutes because of an issue with another train.
We found the Freedom Trail in Boston Common.
Susan and the littles enjoyed some time on the lawn.

We stumbled up on the Wacky Chad show, and I got to help him onto his unicycle.

We stopped for gelato and cannoli in the Italian area – I forget what it is called.

Our last two stops were the Paul Revere House. . .
and the Old North Church, where the lanterns were posted. The Trail continued, but we did not.
Back at the farm we had a lovely dinner with Adrienne and the kids enjoyed the barn swing.

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