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Car Repairs & Diesel Adventures

I noticed recently that our hitch was coming unbolted from our frame. There are supposed to be 8 bolts holding the hitch in place, and we were down to 5. This is a problem. I found a shop near where we are staying where we could get it fixed. They replaced all 8 bolts and the hitch is stronger than ever. The funny thing is that they had to grind off the other bolts. It seems that with our truck things are either falling apart or stuck together.

In order to replace the hitch there was a chance they would need to drop the fuel tank. I allowed the fuel level to get way lower than I normally would. I guess it got too low because after leaving the shop and heading to the gas station I sputtered out. I actually had to walk to Lowe’s, then the gas station, back to the car, then another trip to the gas station to get the fuel level high enough. Eventually she started and I was able to make my way home. I did reward myself with a stop at Carl’s Jr for a Western Burger. 

I feel like I am becoming more at ease with some of the stresses that this trip throws our way. Things are going to go wrong with the car, with the RV, and with our plans. We have been dealing with it for 6 months and we have 6 more to go.  We are going to do this thing. Just like with parenting, sometimes we need to adjust our expectations.

At the end of the day yesterday I was able to go for a walk with the kids down to the lake. The sun found its way out of the clouds for a beautiful sunset. The mountains opposite the sun had a beautiful purple color to them and Elliot made the connection with America the Beautiful, “Purple Mountain Majesty.”

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  1. Yes, coming unhitched could be a “big” prob. Sounds like you made the most of it by going to Carls! Ha! You have the right attitude! As Annie says “the sun will come out tomorrow”!
    Tell Elli I am impressive by his equation of betw. the sunset and Am. the Beautiful song! Keep on hanging on!

  2. One more comment on running out of gas! This is a quote from my mother (the first mimi) “what we don’t have in our heads, we have in our heals”! tee hee!

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