Camelback Mountain


I had a 1/2 day today at work, thanks to some snow in the Cincinnati area, so we took the opportunity to hike Camelback Mountain. It is a very popular hike in the area with limited parking. We were happy to be able to do it on a weekday. The parking lot was still packed and we had to follow someone to their car in order to get a spot. 

We thought that hike would be similar to the Piestewa Peak hike that we did a week back, but although it is about the same length, it is very different. It is more of an elevation gain and a lot of time is spent bouldering. A ranger at the beginning told us that in the past year there have been 281 rescues and 6 fatalities on the trail. I can see how that could happen, but as long as you are in good shape you would be OK. 


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