Zion National Park

We had a fun time at Zion National Park. By the end of the day it was much less crowded and we enjoyed some beautiful hikes. Susan makes fun of me for saying this, but it reminds me a lot of Ledges State Park, in Ames. Maybe just on a larger scale. 

Our Italian friend took this picture before we were even ready. I guess it turned out OK. Many of us are looking to the side because there was another car driving past that was trying to get a picture of the sign and we thought it was funny because we are all going to be in their picture.
Dinner spot. The Chinese family in this picture was on a very similar timeline as us and we crossed paths many times throughout out time there.
Playing in the Virgin River, with our Chinese friends.
Headed toward The Narrows. Susan, Rose, Lucia, and I hung back while the older kids explored a little further into the beginnings of the canyon.
Time to head home

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