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Trail Names

On our way to the mount Lookout hike in Winthrop, we were asked If we had trail names (nicknames that you are called while hiking.) We thought about what our names should be, and I came up with the idea of having our trail names be after our favorite hike. Below are our trail names and their origin.

Susan: Hidden lake, see “The Great Smoky Mountains/Glacier.”
Rob, Navajo, pronounced nava joe, see “Bryce Canyon Part 1.”
Me, Falling Fairy (Fairy Falls,) see “Yellowstone.”
Mari, Mudpot see “Yellowstone.”
Elliot, Mr. Delicate (Delicate Arch) see “Arches.”
Lucia, Rainbow Falls/Rainbow Falls alot:) See “Great Smoky Mountains.”
Rose, The Oldest, It’s what she said when we asked her what her trail name should be.

Comment what your trail name should be!

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