Today’s Highlights

Smoky day today. This evening we got out to visit the horses one last time and we played a game of SPUD. On the walk home we saw a fox trotting across the campground. We are all hitched up and ready to hit the road in the morning. There aren’t really great sunsets from our campground because of the mountains, but after a smoky day we did enjoy seeing some clouds this evening and some sunset colors.

3 Replies to “Today’s Highlights”

  1. Hello Jen! We do have a rough itinerary. We are going to spend some time out west, cut across the south in the winter, and head up the east coast in the spring. We hope to be back in DM next June to get settled back into our normal lives.

  2. I’m trying to convince John to follow in your footsteps but he has two points I have been unable to argue: 1) we can’t homeschool chinese immersion school and 2) his job requires him to be onsite at his customers’ locations. I’m still working on him.

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