Santa Cruz -> Soledad Canyon

Today we left Santa Cruz and headed to Soledad Canyon, near Acton, CA, outside of LA. I was sad to leave Santa Cruz. We had a blast there. WE enjoyed visits from my parents and our friends Ben & Sammy. We got to go surfing. The kids had some friends in the campground who they really connected with and we like the parents. 

We got out a little late because we packed a little more relaxed than usual, mostly because we were wrapping up visiting with the Youngs. I was hoping to get out a little earlier so we could get set up before dark, but that didn’t happen. 

The sun had set by the time we were on the windy road to our campground. Google maps had us turn off the main road onto a gravel/dirt road/ditch, but when we looked at the map it looked right. Well, after about a mile of bumps, twists, and sharp turns google asked us to turn onto a road that didn’t exist. We ended up driving a little farther and finding a nice spot to turn around on someone’s property. That was lucky because otherwise we may have just been spending the night there! As Mari said, at least we got a story out of it, and a memory. Some things on this trip are stressful. 

Tomorrow, when the sun rises, we’ll get to see the campground.

Leftover dessert: a nice way to end a long day.
Susan cut her own bangs. One thing I love about her is she is not afraid to just try things.

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