RV Dreamin’

By now it is widely known that we have big plans for the next year: we hope to sell our house and spend the next year on the road. It is something we have talked about for a while and now is the time. We decided to go for it a few weeks ago and have been working hard to get our house ready. 

Our plan is to sell our house and buy a travel trailer and a vehicle with massive towing capacity to haul it around the country. I will work from the road, Susan and the kids will homeschool during the day, and then in the evenings we can explore. After a year we will resettle back in Des Moines in time for Andrew to start high school in Fall 2018. 

We plan on listing our home after spring break, toward the end of March. If all goes well we will hit the road sometime in the summer. 

Our House
RV Shopping

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