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Olympic National Park

Today we spent the day exploring the west side of Olympic National Park. It took us about 90 minutes to drive to the entrance.
We started the day with a hike in the Hoh Rainforest.
The kids had fun walking across a tree that had fallen over a small stream. The stream was filled with life. No one fell in!
One of the neatest things we learned about was “Nurse Logs.” When a tree falls over other trees grow out of it, using the fallen tree to get above the brush and for nutrients. The fallen tree is the nurse log. The trees are huge so when the nurse log biodegrades it leaves its child well off the ground, supported by its roots.
They found a slug along the path, in a puddle.
We headed out around lunch time.
After lunch we headed to the coast, to Rialto Beach.
The kids had fun running from the waves.
We walked down the beach, toward Split Rock.
Everyone collected different colored rocks. Mari made a rainbow.
Mari was giving me a hard time about having to walk down the beach to Split Rock. Once we arrived, it was awesome. I had to explain to Mari how awesome it was.
After that, Mari was all smiles.
Elliot was barefoot the whole time, but still enjoyed the exploration.
Susan was all smiles when the sun came out.
LIttle did we know we were also walking to Hole in the Rock, or something of that sort. The awesomeness continues, Mari.
The tidepools contained some beautiful sea life.
What a fun day!

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