Our trip has been great so far, but it is not all roses. Our budget has not been working out so well. We have been spending more on campgrounds, groceries, gas, and vehicle maintenance than we have planned for. We have been focusing on reining in some of those costs and yesterday we decided that we should forgo our trip to Malibu. We were all sad, but I feel good about the decision. We have also been loving life in Palm Springs and have plenty to look forward to here.

Here’s to another week in Palm Springs!

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  1. Proud of you for tightening the budget, something many families don’t understand. Xmas. is a particularly difficult time to stay on budget. Also happy to hear about church. Love to experience different Catholic churches, esp. in other states.
    We’ve been having record breaking highs in Ia. today 60. Can even get out on the bikes.

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