Lucia’s 5th Birthday!

Lucia turned 5 over the weekend. It was a bit of a crazy time because on her actual birthday we spent most of the day in San Francisco with the Liess clan. We still tried to make it a special day and then on Monday night we had cake and ice cream. 

Lucia at 5 continues to be an angel. She is smart, sweet, and enthusiastic. She loves life and socializing with other people. She is showing an interest in learning her letters this year, even though it is not something we encourage. She shares a bed with Rose in the RV and helps out when Rose needs it, either helping her find her pacifier or cuddling in the morning. 

She loves to bike with all of the kids and she is a master with her two-wheeler. It would be awesome to be back in Des Moines to try out some of the single track trails. 

Favorite song: Victor Vito
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Noodles
Favorite book: Thumbelina

Lucky Charms for her breakfast cereal
Aunt Mary made sure Lucia got a piece of cake at lunch on Pier 39.
This girl knows how to pose!
Mac & Cheese for her birthday dinner.
Playing her new game with Cameron.

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  1. Happy Birthday Lucia!!!!! You are a natural at poising for pictures….
    what a wonderful cake and Mac and cheese is the best…
    Miss you Pretty Girl.

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