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Exploring San Francisco

Today we explored San Francisco with Cam & Erin. We started off riding the train from Pacifica into the city.

The girls were glad to see Cam again.

The day started off with a laugh. At the parking garage for the train we got confused about how to get to the trains. We got on the elevator and pressed the 1* button, knowing that we were already on that level. We immediately got off and walked about 10 feet to the station entrance.

Rose was ready for the train ride.
Eventually we made it into the city and were ready to explore.
We waited in line for a long time to take a cable car into the heart of town. These nice folks from Kansas City were behind us and we visited with them a lot.
After maybe 2 hours, we finally reached the very front of the line.
We got great seats on the cable car and the older kids got to hang off the edge. At one point I think they almost collided with some mirrors and they figured out they had to hang close.
We got off the cable car at the bottom of Lombard St and then walked to the top.
After that we headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf. We loved all of the street performers, including this magician.
Erin planned a visit to this cool antique arcade, where the kids had a lot of fun.
Lucia like to watch the dancers in this old-time automated puppet display. So did I.
This one-man band totally rocked it.
We headed to pier 39 to see the sea lions, and Pier 39.
After that we enjoyed Gelato in the park in Little Italy. It was nice to rest.

After Little Italy we walked to Chinatown, which was just a few blocks away. We were about 5 blocks in when Erin realized that she had lost her wallet. We retraced our steps back to the park. Then Erin received a facebook message from Pedro Jose, our new hero!

Pedro Jose found Erin’s wallet and met us in the park to return it.
We were all smiles on the bus back to the train back to our car.
Even Rose likes the bus.
Rose does not like the train. It was too loud.
The kids were glad to be home in time to get in some swimming before bed.

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  1. You meet lots of nice people in SF, especially the man that found
    Erin’s wallet.
    Love your hair Mari!!!!!

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