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Car Trouble

being towed

It has been a rough week for the beast. We got settled in to our campsite on Monday evening and while we were out running errands it began acting funny. Tuesday was the 4th of July and I spent Wednesday looking for the best option to take it. On Thursday I ordered a part to try to fix it, but no luck. In the evening we had to towed to Jerry’s in Harrison and by this morning they had located the issue and hope to have it fixed by this afternoon. 

We are going to spend one more night at Winton Woods, where a couple has graciously agreed to let us have their site, since the campground is full. 

Update: Still not fixed. 🙁 They fixed the main issue, but found an oil leak during the test drive that they want to fix. They hope to fix it in the morning, and I hope so, too. 

The main problem. I need to remember to ask Scott if this is the wire harness that he thought I should inspect.

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