2016-2017 New Year’s

As usual, we went to the Reagens’ for New Year’s Eve. We had a lot of food, fun, and spent the night. 

Cousins. The littlest girls had gone to sleep already.

This year also introduced a potential new tradition – Cupcake Wars. On New Year’s Eve we were checking out the Reagens’ new TV, watching some HD desert videos. Someone said it would be better if they were dessert videos, and next thing you know we were watching cupcake wars. We watched the first half of an episode, watched the ball drop in New Orleans, and then watched the second half. Everyone enjoyed it, except Nate who could not have cared less. 

Then, on New Year’s Day we were going to watch another episode, but it was removed from Netflix. . . . so we decided to have our own real-life episode. The teams were Erin and Ian against Susan, Hope, and Mari. They had 45 minutes to make gourmet cupcakes using some of the ingredients that we had laid out: limes, sparkling raspberry spritzer, and peanut butter. They were not allowed to follow any recipes!

Getting Started



In the end, both teams produced some rockin’ cupcakes, and the judges deferred judgement until next year. 

The Final Products


  1. Well first thing I thought was how creative, second thing I thought is glad it was at your house and not ours, third thing I thought was how nice that you took the time and didn’t worry about mess. Lasting memories! Love, mom aka mimi

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