Rose’s First Birthday!

It is hard to believe that Rose is already one! What joy she has brought to our lives. At one, Rose is a fairly easy baby. She sleeps fairly consistently, waking for the day at 7 or 8, napping at 11 & 3 or just one nap at 1, and going to bed at night at around 9 or 9:30. She still nurses a few times during the night and about every 2 hours during the day.

She loves to eat, but does not eat a ton. She likes cheese, egg whites, cheerios, bananas, & strawberries, but she will try everything. If we are eating, she wants to be eating.

When she is not eating or sleeping, she likes to crawl around and get into things. This morning, when just she and I were awake, she crawled upstairs and started to climb in to Lucia’s bed while Lucia was still asleep – she loves to hang out with her siblings.

She enjoys music in brief spurts and doesn’t hesitate to dance with one arm when she hears music.

She communicates a little, saying “uh-oh” fairly consistently and signing “more” when she wants to eat. She can’t quite do the sign for more, but she claps, which is close enough.



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