Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Today we celebrated Andrew’s birthday! It is hard to believe it has been 13 years. We celebrated Andrew’s birthday after soccer with the Liesses and the Reagens, and Will. I think Andrew had a fun day, with school work in the morning, piano, hanging out with Will in the afternoon and dinner, and then everyone came over to celebrate with us.

At the age of 13, and continues to be a young man who is happy and excited about life. He is passionate about and open to many things. He still loves to read, listen to music, and play sports. He continues to excel in school, open to learning about each subject and taking pride in his work.

Favorite song: Heathens
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite food: Chicken Noodle Soup
Favorite band: Coldplay
Favorite book: Harry Potter 7
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite movie: Jurassic Park

Andrew at age one (day).
Andrew at age one (day).
Andrew at age 13.
Andrew at age 13.

Photos from Andrew’s first year or so.

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