Afternoon Walk

It was a beautiful afternoon today, so Susan, Rose, and I went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. Rose wanted to make this nature art down by the creek.

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Christmas Decorations

It doesn’t take long for us to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. We usually try to get our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. That is also when we put up the rest of the decorations and we are allowed to start listening to Christmas music.

Lucia and Mari
Lucia and Elliot
New Christmas Pajamas from Mimi
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Happy Thanksgiving

We were planning to go to the Connors’ for Thanksgiving this year, but because of Susan’s kidney stones we decided to stay home. In the afternoon we enjoyed an online escape room and then we prepared a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

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Kidney Stones

This is Susan, hanging with the girls after surviving her second round of kidney stones this year. Yesterday was rough. We thought things were improving today, but it was another rough day. Hopefully tomorrow.

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Christmas Lights

We hung some christmas lights.

Mari always insists on doing the roof work and Lucia and Rose like to join her on the roof. Mari wants to do the high part above the driveway, but after doing it myself the first year we lived here, no more.


We raked some leaves.
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Andrew traveled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota this weekend for Nike Cross Regionals, a national Cros Country championship series, although there are no nationals this year because of Covid. Andrew attended this race his freshman and sophomore years and it was canceled last year.

Will and Andrew
whole group

Senior All-Star Meet

Andrew and his friend Cody qualified for the Senior All-Star Meet. It was a beautiful day and fun to cheer for all of the seniors who worked so hard these past 4 years.

Cody and Andrew

After the meet we enjoyed some pastries in Pella, stopped by Yellow Banks Park to hike and play by the river, and then picked up some ice cream at Over The Top. That’s a good day.

Giant Pizza

Tonight for dinner we ordered this giant pizza from Dough Co. Pizza. 26″!! It was huge. The pizza itself was only OK, but worth it every now and then because it is so big.

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