Red Flannel Run

Susan and the kids braved the cold temperatures this morning to come cheer me on in the Red Flannel Run. Susan and I ran this race together 17 years ago when we were dating. It was fun to do it again.

So long, RV!

It was bittersweet today as we sold the RV! A nice family came out to look at it on Sunday and today we completed the deal. We are glad it is going to a good home!

Lucia Begins Dance

For Christmas, Mimi enrolled Lucia in dance classes! Lucia has always loved dancing and she is really enjoying participating in a formal class. Now that classes have started, she and Rose often have their own dance classes at home. Sometimes Lucia even let’s Rose be the teacher.

The Pacifier Fairy

A few weeks ago Rose moved on from diapers, and today the Pacifier Fairy paid our house a visit, to exchange all of Rose’s pacifiers for a stuffed animal that she can snuggle with when she needs to. I think we were all ready and Rose was excited. Both of these milestones were nice to reach, but also a little sad (yet still exciting) knowing that we won’t experience these stages again.

Friend’s Birthday Party

This afternoon Lucia go to go to a friend’s birthday party. Lucia is attending the HSAP homeschool classes offered by the school district and her friend also attends. Lucia talks about her a lot and was really excited for the party. I think she had fun.

Liess Family Christmas

Andrew, Cam, Ian, Elliot, Hope, Rose, Susan, Luke, Mari, Rob, Kathie, Lucia, Gary, Erin, Nate, Mary, Colin, Casey, Luke

This evening we celebrated Christmas with the Liess family, at the Reagens’. There was a lot of food, good times, and an interesting white elephant gift exchange.

Rose & Luke