RV Updates

  1. We ran our heat for the first time this morning.
  2. Andrew swears he saw a scorpion in our RV the past couple of nights.

Family Calendar

One of the funniest things about being on this trip is that we no longer need to maintain a family calendar. Other than when we need to move from one campground to another, we never have anything scheduled. I used to always have the calendar tab open in my browser, because there was so much planning. Now. . . nothing.

San Angelo -> Grand Canyon

This weekend we made the drive from San Angelo, TX, to the Grand Canyon. We stopped overnight in Edgewood, NM, just outside of Albuquerque. The stop in Edgewood was nice. We were able to walk to a small playground down the street, watch a lightning storm in the distance, and watch for shooting stars after dark. The kids had the best view of the Milky Way they have ever seen and saw a great shooting star.

Kenner’s Service Center

We are having some work done on our car at Kenner’s Service Center. They have been super nice and the ‘lobby’ of their repair shop is incredible. I felt like I was in Harry Potter, walking into a car repair lobby and all of a sudden being in someone’s house.

San Angelo Fun

San Angelo continues to impress. Today Susan and the kids visited the welcome center, downtown, and then this evening we went back for a walk to look at the murals and sheep around town.

Walking the loop

We are staying at a KOA outside of San Angelo and we noticed a lot of people walking along a road near the campground. It turns out that there is a nice 2 mile loop that people like to do. We did the loop with our swimsuits on, so we could jump in the pool on the way back, but by the time we got back it was stormy.

Orange Beach -> San Angelo, TX

Over the weekend we made the drive from Orange Beach to San Angelo, TX. It was sad to leave our vacation in Orange Beach, but good to be back on the road. 

The drive on Saturday was very interesting, as we crossed the swampland, and eventually made it into Texas where we drove through several oil refineries, lit up in the dark, and eventually made it to our campsite on the gulf coast. 

Sunday we transitioned to Texas – flat for a long time and then hilly, transitioning to more of a desert climate. It is good to be settled for the week before the adventures of the next few weeks.

When we left Des Moines on July 1 we were at 285,000.