Rosie Marker-Hair

The girls fashion and accessories and this morning they came up with this awesome hairstyle for Rose.

3 Car Family

Feeling the pinch with all the kids’ activities ramping up this spring, we decided it is time to invest in a third car. Andrew is paying for part of it and he will be the primary driver.

On the lot
Andrew driving

Glacier Flower

Mari’s art was featured in her school’s online art show.
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Mari’s First Soccer Game

Mari is playing soccer for Valley this year. Here is a picture from her first game, at Waukee Stadium

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Happy Easter!

Today we celebrated Easter with ourselves and then we had the Reagens over in the afternoon for an Easter Egg hunt. Church was online with Lutheran Church of Hope – same as last year. Our traditions include Easter Bunny-hidden baskets (inside), Easter Bunny-hidden eggs (outside), and then a candy Easter egg hunt with the Reagens.

Pool Fence

Over this long Easter weekend we replaced our back fence, to be up to code for the pool. Our whole family and the Reagen kids came over to help with all the work that needed to be done.

Andrew and I used this two-man auger to dig the post holes. It would have been fairly straightforward, except we were working right next to the hedge, so that meant weird angles and roots.
Set posts
Putting up the last picket
Finished product, footprint from the old pool, yellow tape is the approximation of the new pool.

Father/Daughter/Mother Dance

For a few years now I have been attending the Father/Daughter dance with Mari, Lucia, and Rose. It did not happen this year, so we staged our own dance this evening at home. All credit goes to Susan (of course).

Formal Shot
The Dance Floor
Snack Time
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Pruning the Hedge

We need to replace the back fence so this weekend we did some work clearing the hedge around the current fence.