Solstice Hike

Warming by the fire after the hike.

This evening we celebrated Solstice by going for a night hike at Jester Park. They lined a short trail with lanterns and luminaries and then had hot chocolate and smores afterward.

Elliot’s Choir Concert

Along with being in band, Elliot is also singing in the 7th grade choir at his school this year.

Elliot is in the back rock, three people right of center two to the right of the tall boy in the blue shirt. Elliot is wearing a white shirt.

Saturday Happenings

This afternoon we paid a visit to Greenwood Park, where the kids used to come every Monday during homeschooling. The pond was awesomely frozen and we enjoyed the lower access. Elliot also saw a big mammal swimming under the ice.
In the evening we went to the mall to hang out and walk around for a bit. Rose wanted to visit Santa, so we did just that.