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House with a pool

When we moved back to Des M0ines after our trip, we were hoping to find a house with a pool. That didn’t work out. Now, with the prospect that pools won’t be open this summer, we decided to get a relatively cheap above ground pool to enjoy.

Accidentally using the pool cover as a ground tarp.
Initial setup
Partially filled, with some eager swimmers camped out to be the first ones in. That’s not true. Our kids just like camping out with the Reagens.
Filling the pool. We did not stand and watch for all 10 hours.
Enjoying the pool life
Still enjoying the pool life
covid-19 Home Life Mari

Whoopie Pies

Mari likes to bake on Thursdays and today she made these great whoopie pies. The filling is a chocolate, cream cheese frosting.

covid-19 Mari

Mari’s Painting

Mari did a great job following along with Bob Ross using the few painting supplies that we have.
covid-19 Outdoor

Clive Greenbelt Goats

The city of Clive has has goats that live near the trail and help eat the invasive species. We like to visit them. They have become the trail mascot and the city is now using them to help spread the healthy lifestyle.

Home Life Lucia Rose

Sleeping Girls

covid-19 Outdoor

Forest Life

One good thing about the quarantine is that the kids have had more time to play outside and with the Reagens. Lately they have been working on a forest hideout where they can hang-out.

covid-19 Elliot

Elliot’s Haircut II

Mari gave Elliot another haircut. . .

covid-19 Outdoor

Bike Ride

Lucia, Rose, and I got out for a bike ride this afternoon. It was Rose’s first time riding on the tag-along and she did great!

covid-19 Home Life

Around the House

Home Pickleball
Lucia and Rose visiting with Elsie.
covid-19 Outdoor The Reagens

Browns Woods Hike

Mari and Hope
The boys