Happy Birthday, Rose!

We got to celebrate Rose’s 3rd birthday twice – in Cincinnati and Des Moines. We celebrated on Holly’s on Friday night and at the Reagens’ on Sunday night. Saturday was her actual birthday, but it was a travel day so her birthday festivities were limited to her birthday cereal and a random singing of Happy Birthday at the winery where we were staying the night. 

Rose is definitely 3. She is developing a strong will and likes to do things herself and she is also still very needy, likes to snuggle, and likes to stick her hands and feet into people’s shirts. She and Lucia still spend a ton of time together and are great playmates. They sleep together at night, sharing a bed in the RV and planning on sharing a bed once we are home. 

Rose’s favorite thing to do for fun is build with Legos. She loves building towers, houses, and cakes. She just has a couple of small duplo lego sets that she uses over and over. 

She is our best napper – she still naps! She consistently naps every afternoon, either at home or in the car if we are not at home. She is OK without a nap, but much better if she has one. Her sleep schedule in general is not that or a normal 3 year-old. She follows the schedule dictated by the big kids, going to bed around 10 at night and sleeping until 8. She does still use her pacifier, but she will be ready to ween from that once we are settled in back home.

Back in Des Moines

After 11 months on the road, today we arrived back in Des Moines. The Reagens greeted us at the campground. We got set up and then headed to their house for dinner. We will need to spend the next couple of days moving out of the RV. 

White Oak Vineyard

Tonight, for the last night of our trip, we are boondocking at the winery where we spent the first night on our trip. We arrived to some live music and enjoyed a chicken patty dinner before going for a walk around the winery.

Niagara Falls -> Cayuga Campground

Today we made the 8 hour drive from Niagara Falls to Cincinnati. We will be staying the weekend at my sister Holly’s house, aka Cayuga Campground.
After making it in time for Friday night pizza, holly had a variety of Graeter’s ice cream for dessert.
Rose enjoyed sharing hers with Be-Bob.

Niagara Gorge

We learned this week that Niagara Falls has moved 7 miles in the past 12,000 years. This evening we got out for a hike in the gorge carved by the Niagara River. It features some neat rock formations, a wild river, and a whirlpool where the river makes a 90 degree turn.

Niagara Falls: Maid of the Mist

This afternoon I took off from work just a little early and we embarked on the Maid of the Mist boat ride into Niagara Falls. The boat goes past American Falls and then spends about 5 minutes in Horseshoe falls before returning to the dock. It was really neat to be so close to the falls. I think everyone but Lucia and Rose would put it in the top 10 experiences of our trip.

Anchor Bar

This evening for an early dinner we drove in to Buffalo to have some Buffalo Wings at Anchor Bar, the home of Buffalo Wings. We all shared some wings and some fries. We also all agreed that the ‘medium’ wings were just right for us and the ‘hot’ were a little hot. All four of the main wing eaters left the restaurant with fiery lips.

Partaking of the Buffalo Wings
It took a while, but we found and Iowa license plate

Niagara Falls, Canada Edition

At the border
Enjoying a much-needed snack at Tim Horton’s, our favorite Canadian donut shop.

Today we made our first visit to Niagara Falls. We parked by American Falls and then walked across the bridge to Canada. It was actually my first time ever leaving the country! We enjoyed the evening.