Homecoming Dance

Andrew went to Valley’s Homecoming dance  last night. Before the dance he went out for dinner with his friends Will and Tatum, then they headed to the dance. Andrew said it was great, a lot of his friends were there, and the loud, non-stop music made it hard to actually talk with anyone. 

Wahlburgers Grand Opening

This evening we went to the grand opening of a Wahlburgers restaurant in West Des Moines. The kids were excited to see Mark Wahlberg, and it was something to do. Donny was also there, with a lot of New Kids On The Block fanatics, including Susan (NKOTB was her first concert). It was interesting.

New table

I don’t usually make posts about our furniture, but we got this really cool table from West End Architectural Salvage. It is 10 feet long and 4 feet wide. Susan pointed out that since living in the RV with tiny furniture we are going big!

PS – Check out the brass band action in the background.

Elliot plays the saxophone

Now that Elliot is in the 6th grade, and we live a normal existence, he is joining the band. He decided to play the saxophone. He sounds great from the start and already has a smooth transition between notes. One of the great things about being home is enjoying the kids practicing their instruments.